XYZprinting SLS machines are compatible with high performance PP and TPU


3D printing solutions manufacturer XYZprinting has announced a partnership with AM Polymers to offer two new materials for its Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines. The range now includes FDA approved food grade PP01 polypropylene powder and PB01 TPU powder for the footwear industry. This partnership allows XYZprinting to expand the capabilities of its industrial SLS 3D printers and broaden the range of possibilities for its users.

SLS has become a very popular 3D printing process thanks to its ability to mass-produce quality parts while optimizing costs and lead times. Surely this is one of the reasons why XYZprinting entered this niche, having already made a name for itself in the FDM 3D printer market. Since 2019, the manufacturer has indeed taken an industrial shift in the 3D printing market by developing SLS solutions more suited to mass production. This time, it goes even further by offering qualified materials, developed by the German manufacturer AM Polymers.

The powders are compatible with XYZprinting’s SLS machines (photo credits: XYZprinting)

FDA approved polypropylene

AM Polymers PP01 Polypropylene Powder is now compatible with XYZprinting SLS machines. It is a material that offers a high level of detail, excellent chemical resistance at low density, a tensile strength of 20 MPa and an elongation at break of 30%. The powder is compatible with food contact, which will make it a material of choice in the production of parts used in the kitchen and in the manufacture of packaging.

In addition, PP01 offers a refresh rate of 50% and a very competitive price per kilo. Beyond food applications, this powder is ideal for the medical, automotive, robotics and education sectors. It can be used to create enclosures, ventilation systems or containers for liquids.

John Calhoun, North America Sales Director, adds, “AM Polymers offers the best performing materials available on the market; they are perfect for machines with an open material strategy like the 230 and 236 from XYZ Printing. These are high-performance, recyclable and easy-to-use powders, three key points for our professional users.

3D printed parts with PP powder (photo credits: AM Polymers)

A high performance elastomeric powder

In addition to Polypropylene PP01, XYZprinting’s SLS machines are now compatible with AM Polymers’ TPU PB01. It is a flexible material that provides high strength and excellent fatigue resistance. This high performance TPU also has very good elongation and offers a refresh rate of 20%. Its shore hardness is 75A, one of the lowest on the market.

The properties of this elastomeric powder make it an ideal choice for the creation of soles, sports equipment or shoe uppers. Its elasticity will allow the design of tight seals for windows or cars but also of clamps and other tooling parts on robotic machines.

Example of a 3D printed part with TPU PB01 (photo credits: AM Polymers)

Calhoun concludes:Our SLS machines are available from $69,900. The combination of this affordable cost and the best performing materials allows the customer to print quality parts for 1/5 the price of our competitors. To learn more about the capabilities of XYZprinting’s SLS machines, visit the manufacturer’s website HERE.

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