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  • Stratasys Ltd (NASDAQ: SSYS) share price rose more than 5% today. That’s why it happened.

The share price of polymer 3D printing solutions company Stratasys Ltd (NASDAQ: SSYS) rose more than 5% today. Investors are responding positively to the company’s introduction of the latest printer in its growing portfolio of 3D printing solutions for the dental industry: the Stratasys Origin One Dental.

This new printer is the second 3D printer, resulting from the acquisition of Origin by Stratasys in December 2020, a key step in the company’s strategy to be the leader in polymer 3D printing for manufacturing. And the Stratasys Origin One Dental and the recently introduced Stratasys J5 DentaJet 3D printer provide dental laboratories with complete additive manufacturing solutions to meet the needs of the growing dental customer base.

In recent years, the demand for dental solutions has grown significantly due to several trends including the digitalization of dental workflows and the demand for cosmetic dentistry. And these trends, coupled with the consolidation of dental laboratories into production centers, and competitive labor conditions, are driving dental laboratories to adopt production solutions optimized for speed, quality and throughput while remaining reliable, scalable and flexible.

The Stratasys Origin One Dental 3D printer is powered using a proprietary printing technology called P3 Programmable Light Cure, an advancement in digital light-based printing principles, which enables precision, part-to-part consistency and peak flow. Additionally, Origin One Dental offers an open hardware infrastructure that supports a variety of applications and enables higher throughput at a lower cost per part compared to competing technologies. This printer is designed for flow production, small batches of a single material requiring short print time, maximizing the throughput of each application and streamlining the production process.

In March 2021, Stratasys launched the J5 DentaJet, which is the only multi-material dental 3D printer capable of printing mixed dental parts in a single print tray without sacrificing precision. And based on PolyJet technology, the J5 DentaJet can also produce realistic multi-colored case presentations. This printer is ideal for batch printing, especially when printing mixed trays of parts overnight or unattended. Together, these printers give dental customers the ability to streamline their processes while increasing production to meet the demands of the dental industry.


“When our demands for inbound digital prints started to increase, we knew we needed a production-grade dental 3D printer that would allow us to scale our operation. With the Origin One Dental printer, we have found the unique combination of precision, detailed reproduction and the lowest cost per part. We have been using our printer for over 10 hours a day and the reliability is the best we have ever had. “

– Chris Waldrop, President, Burdette Dental Laboratory

“Stratasys is the only additive manufacturing company that offers multiple 3D printing technologies to dental laboratories. We enable laboratories to increase production today and stay ready for tomorrow. Each printer presents an additive manufacturing solution for a different type of production need, maximized throughput and production time, while providing flexibility to meet the changing needs of this growing market expected to reach $ 6.5 billion. by 20251.

– Osnat Philipp, Vice President, Health for Stratasys

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