Wenext orders 30 HBD-350T metal 3D printers from HBD »

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Shenzhen Wenext Technology Co., Ltd. (Wenext) and Guangdong Hanbang 3D Tech Co., Ltd (HBD), held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony to celebrate an order for 30 mid-size HBD-350T metal L-PBF systems to be installed at Wenext. The agreement will further expand the production capabilities of one of China’s largest on-demand and additive manufacturing service providers.

Mr. Lu Xueyuan, Founder and Chairman of Wenext, Mr. Zhang Shuhao, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Wenext Additive Manufacturing Division, Mr. Liu Jianye, Founder and General Manager of HBD, and Ms. Mao Yi, Director Shanghai General Hanbang United 3D Tech Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and signing ceremony. Mr. Zhang Shuhao and Ms. Mao Yi signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties.

In this strategic cooperation, focused on the control of the 30 HBD-350T machines, both sides are committed to advancing the digitization of manufacturing and small-batch large-scale production. By leveraging and sharing best practices, both sides expect to lead the evolution of manufacturing industry. Senior executives of both companies are confident and have high expectations for future cooperation, providing more opportunities and win-win situations for both sides.

Explaining why Wenext chose to cooperate with HBD for this strategic cooperation, Mr. Zhang Shuhao, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Wenext Additive Manufacturing Division, said, “Wenext is a digital manufacturing innovation factory in large-scale, with about a thousand non-metallic 3D printing equipment, CNC machining centers, sheet metal processing equipment, mold processing equipment and inspection equipment. and offline marketing, innovative design and processing services. In order to meet the customer’s demand for metal 3D printing services, it is necessary to find a company that has the strength and can grow with Wenext.

Wenext orders 30 HBD-350T metal 3D printers from HBD to further expand Wenext's current fleet of over 1,000 polymer AM systems

Wenext has qualified HBD as a metal 3D printing company that focuses on equipment and technology and provides a full set of technical solutions such as equipment, software, materials and printing processes. Equipment such as HBD-350T system has recorded large sales and growing market share, it is considered mature and stable, especially from the industrial side, for parts such as molds, with sewn printing stable at the machine. using two lasers in mold applications, and a leader in production efficiency. HBD’s proprietary equipment software, data processing software and intelligent management software functions are deeply integrated and can be seamlessly connected to Wenext’s proprietary information software platform, to further expand efficient and intelligent manufacturing.

“HBD and Wenext are both young teams passionate about the industry and the future, and both companies are in a phase of rapid development,” said Ms. Mao Yi, General Manager of Shanghai Hanbang United 3D Tech Co., Ltd. , “We have seen that Wenext has just completed a high quality financing of $ 55 million, which is a sign of the recognition by the capital market of Wenext and this industry. On the equipment side, HBD is determined to help Wenext achieve the continuous upgrading of process technology and equipment rapidly, relying on advanced industrial machinery and intelligent factories for large-scale applications. Both parties will collaborate deeply on the software. HBD has developed equipment operating software, data processing software and intelligent management software, which can seamlessly connect to the information software platform developed by Wenext. This transparent connection will allow lean management and integrate 3D printing to the Internet, to achieve vertical integration of the network, control system, management software and data platform. By optimizing the management and innovation of manufacturing models, we will improve manufacturing efficiency, expand product service capabilities and increase customer value, and create a new ecosystem of 3D printing manufacturing models, service and application models.


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