VRC Metals Systems selected for US Navy REPTX 2022

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VRC Metal Systems, a leading developer of advanced cold spray technologies, has been selected by the US Navy to participate in REPTX 2022, sponsored by NAVSEA 05T, to provide solutions for cold spray corrosion on docks and on board ships and the repair and mitigation of fight. REPTX 2022, sponsored by NAVSEA 05T, demonstrates solutions aboard the Navy Self-Defense Force Test Vessel (SDTS) in a one-on-one setting between Aug. 22 and Sept. 2, 2022, at Naval Base County from Ventura to Port Hueneme, CALIFORNIA.

This is a major milestone in VRC Metal Systems’ mission to provide reliable metal disposal technologies, innovative solutions and fabricated components to provide their customers with an unmatched advantage in their respective markets.

This news follows many recent major achievements for VRC Metal Systems, including the development of their CAMP SiteTM closed and freestanding portable cold spray unit to repair corrosion and combat damage and the development of their VRC Dragonfly system; another field usable cold spray system used for shipboard repairs by repairing components in place while the vessel is in port or at sea.

“VRC is committed to ensuring the success of the US Navy in implementing cold spray technology. Being selected to participate in the Navy’s REPTX program demonstrates the Navy’s confidence in HRV equipment and expertise. says Rob Hrabe, CEO and co-founder of VRC Metal Systems.

VRC Metal Systems, LLC was founded in January 2013 after obtaining an exclusive license to market the portable high pressure supersonic cold spray patent. This high pressure cold spray system deposits like or dissimilar metals on most metal surfaces, including heat sensitive applications, now making previously impossible repairs possible.

High pressure cold spray enables new solutions for repair, additive manufacturing and protective/sacrificial coatings. VRC is heavily involved in cold spray development and advanced manufacturing for the Department of Defense as well as commercial customers. VRC is a full-service cold spray enterprise focused on equipment development and manufacturing, as well as research and development, cold spray processing, material development, equipment integration, on-site training and support. VRC Metal Systems, LLC is the only manufacturer of portable high pressure cold spray systems in the world.


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