Visit the Post Office and the B. Free Franklin Museum


Philadelphia, PA – The B. Free Franklin Post Office & Museum is one of the earliest post offices in the United States and one of the few colonial post offices still in operation today. The United States Postal Service has been struggling since the emergence of the Internet, which has slowed mail delivery.

B. Free Franklin Post Office and Museum. The top floor of the museum houses a Postal Museum that tells the story of the nation’s postal service, which has operated continuously since the days of Benjamin Franklin.

Despite the name of the museum, it is not entirely free from controversy. Benjamin Franklin was the first postmaster general in the United States, and it’s impossible not to recognize his signature stamp on the letters you send there. The signature stamp of his time is still used to obliterate postage stamps here.

La Poste also has several exhibitions. In addition to original issues of the Pennsylvania Gazette, you may see Pony Express sleeves and other items from the past. It also has a fascinating architectural exhibit. Visitors can also see the wooden joists that support the building and the glassware, pottery and printing material that adorns the cellar.

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