The Swift Foundation provides grants to Tahoe area agencies


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — The Bessie Minor Swift Foundation, formed by former owners and founders of Swift Communications, provides grants for programs that promote literacy, reading, and writing as well as programs that focus on languages, STEM, STEAM and interdisciplinarity. areas. Since 2008, more than $865,000 has been donated to deserving organizations in the communities where Swift Communications operates.

The former owners of Swift Communications are grateful to its current owner for helping with digital and print advertising during the 2022 grant cycle.

The deadline for 2022 grant applications was mid-February and over 54 applications were received. The Foundation’s grant criteria require details of the number of people who will be impacted by the organization’s project and the significance of the role the Bessie Minor Swift Foundation will play in the program. Additionally, applicants must provide a complete description of the project, including objectives and strategies to achieve those objectives, explain how the project will be evaluated, and submit a budget. Grantees will report on their results and program ideas upon completion of the projects.

This year, the nominations were of exceptional quality and more than $85,000 was awarded to 33 deserving organizations from five states. The Bessie Minor Swift Foundation thanks the many groups who took the time and energy to apply.

For more information about the Foundation and future grantmaking plans, visit the Bessie Minor Swift Foundation website at

The 2022 Bessie Minor Swift Foundation Grants include:

Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe – $3,000

The funds will buy furniture and wall decorations that will equip a dedicated learning center where intervention programs and other activities can take place away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the club. The learning center will be used by 250-300 students over the course of a year and will support small group work as well as individual activities.

Lake Tahoe Unified School District, South Lake Tahoe – $2,400

STEM materials will stimulate students’ minds and develop a strong foundation in science and math. These funds will be used to buy building materials, balls and ramps, marble mazes, spinning and learning magnetic gears, early coding with robots and more. These will be used to build the skills and confidence of 24 students with special needs.

Lake Tahoe Unified School District, South Lake Tahoe – $3,000

The funds will be used to purchase supplies for the environmental field trips that are the core component of the district’s STEAM program. 2,000 students enjoy experiential outdoor learning opportunities using everything from water testing kits to tarps and buckets. Books will also be purchased to provide a language arts component that will prepare for outdoor activities in advance.

Marine Research and Education, Inc., South Lake Tahoe – $3,000

It is a placement-based science program for third and fifth graders and some high school students. Land and water experiences help students learn about the ecosystem of the Lake Tahoe Basin. These funds will pay for captains and teachers, charter boats and supplies and support more than 5 classes participating in the program.

Risk Adventure Challenge, Truckee – $2,000

Students will write, film and edit videos as part of a 34-day summer course on Tahoe. The funds will be used to purchase field guides, video cameras, microphones, some instructor fees, printing and supplies. The 3-minute instructional videos narrated by the students will be distributed to community members via social media and as part of an email newsletter.

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, Truckee – $3,000

This program fosters a love of writing and reading while building students’ writing skills during the summer. The funds will provide a stipend to teachers and support the publication of works written by 100 students in grades three through five. The Writers’ Workshops will be held twice a week for four weeks.

Tahoe Connection for Families, Incline Village – $2,171.29

The “Our Beautiful Tahoe” program uses field trips, circles, songs and nursery rhymes to develop early childhood literacy. The funds would be used for books and supplies, hands-on materials and outdoor education specialists.


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