The status quo cannot continue; it’s time to change | Letters to the Editor


We need to give serious thought to the midterm elections. Since President Joe Biden and the Democratic majority have been in power, our country’s inflation has reached its highest rate in 40 years. Look at your monthly household budget and what you currently pay for food, gas, clothing, plane tickets (if you can even get a ticket) and vacations (if you take one).

The prices of consumer goods are exploding. A person driving to and from work to fill a 15 gallon gas tank at $4.59 per gallon will pay $68.85 to fill that tank. It’s just for fuel. Now add food, clothing, school supplies, school activities and entertainment (if you can get out). Inflation continues to go nowhere but up.

Now, if that weren’t enough, Biden and the Democratic majority want to throw more money at the problem, which will only increase inflation and the burden on American families even more. They threw billions of money and equipment into the war in Ukraine. The problem is that no one knows where the equipment and the money are going. They want to increase funds for Ukraine, and nothing prevents them from spending. Who suffers because of these expenses? American families.

After living through the Vietnam War and seeing the money spent and the lives lost and what happened in Afghanistan to look again at our money and the lives of our soldiers lost and then walk away and leave it to the enemy. Afghanistan was a joke in the way we got away from that. We have lost countless lives and come away leaving millions, if not billions, of equipment in the field for our enemies. We left abandoned Americans on the ground who went through hell before we could get them out. It was a bigger embarrassment than Vietnam and it was under Biden and the Democratic majority.

For my life, I cannot understand how we as Americans – regardless of your political affiliation – could continue to support this administration and its majority. This needs to change, people. We have to make this change in November. Will the change be better? I don’t know, but I’m willing to try. I know this: if we allow the status quo to continue, it will get worse because they will continue to spend and print money that we don’t have. We were the most powerful and respected country in the world. I doubt we can say that now. I love my country; I have served my country for over 50 years in public service. But I disagree with who is running my country now and decided to make a change in November.


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