The school of innovation is looking forward to the new school year


By Tamzin Ellsworth

The Georgetown School of Innovation is extremely excited for the new school year. It all starts on August 12 at 5 p.m. in the quad with our annual ice cream/popsicle party. Come and find out who will be your teacher for the 2022-23 school year.

We are delighted to have a wonderful mix of new employees and employees you have known for years. Mr. Appleby, Ms. Barbour, Ms. Marshall, Mr. Langford, Ms. Brown, Ms. Ellsworth and Ms. Fabian are back this year. Ms. Lamparter and Ms. Siracusa make an amazing TK-K team. Our new staff this year are Mr. Royal in Year 5, Miss Hansen in Year 2/3, Mrs. Davidson in Year 4 and Mrs. Todd in Year 4/5.

GT School of Innovation is a New Tech Network school, which means we are dedicated to project-based learning. To do project-based learning properly, study trips are very important, as are supplies and materials. Teachers couldn’t do it without the support of the PTA. Their fundraising is essential to the success of project-based learning.

Last year, the PTA’s biggest fundraiser was the Jog-a-Thon. He raised nearly $10,000. We could not have done this without the generous support of our sponsors – Black Oak Animal Hospital, Garden Valley Roses, Mather Aviation, Christensen Heating and Cooling, Nisbet Home Loans, Miller Hometown Lenders, KFOK, Nanci’s Screen Printing, Mar-Val , Jeepers Jamboree, The Local Take and Bake Pizzeria, Greenmun DDS Family Dentistry, Riddle Construction, Garden Valley Feed and Hardware, Teddi Ramos-Sierra Foothills Properties, Red Rooster Burgers & Brew, El Dorado Savings Bank, Georgetown Hardware, Cool Optometry, Worton’s Market, Terry’s Pizzeria and Grill, Main Street Mercantile, Murchies Smog & Repair and TRIPEL Company.

The entire staff can’t wait to see all the bright faces ready to learn and fly. See you Friday.


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