The Lexmark MB3442i Mono MFP laser printer is very fast (test)


The Lexmark MB3442i Mono MFP laser printer zooms up to 40ppm. it has low costs per page, automatic two-sided printing and scanning, and fits into a compact office space. It’s ideal for workgroups or those who don’t need color.

In fact, the monochrome printer market is booming not only in business for invoices, labels, reports, etc., but also in homes, small businesses, education, libraries, government and wherever bulk hard copies are needed. While inkjet is eroding laser’s market share, the fact is that only laser can achieve the best image results on plain paper.

In 2020, printer sales were around 100 million. COVID-related component and supply chain issues have seen a roughly 20% decline in 2021. Lexmark is focused on government/corporate/healthcare – that’s why you won’t see it at most electronics retailers. According to enlyft in the US, it is #2 with 19% of the commercial market with #1 Epson (28%), #3 Konica Minolta (15%) and #4 HP (10%). In this area, single represents 83% of the market. Regardless of the stats and sources, monochrome lasers with MFP capabilities are on the rise.

But if you want color, please check out our Lexmark MC3426i Color MFP laser printer – economy and speed (test) 9.2/10.

Lexmark MB3442i Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer

Website Small-to-Medium and SOHO range and product page
Price $499 with starter toner (plus shipping) There is also a B3442dw with the same print engine without the MFP
From Lexmark and Harvey Norman Certified IT Specialist
guarantee 1 Year Express Exchange
Native country China
Company Lexmark is a privately held American company based in Lexington, Kentucky, formed in 1991 to buy out the printer, typewriter and keyboard businesses of IBM.
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First impression – very well done

First, apologies to Lexmark. I’ve had two of his printers (this one and a color version) for a while now. My job change to CyberShack was in mid-November where luckily my new boss Charlie Brown was shrewd enough to take “the unique Ray Shaw in-depth reviews buyers demand”. Add to that annual holiday, Christmas, New Years, CES 2022, and a mountain of reviews, and well, printers just aren’t as sexy as gadgets. Sorry, Lexmark.

Unboxing the two printers, I expected to see an old Lexmark printer—you know, the doctor’s office beiges that go along year after year, decade after decade without a hitch. Well, times are changing and the new Lexmark is sleek, modern and seems just as reliable.

You can tell it’s business class – solid construction, oversized feed rollers, metal chassis, generous use of high impact polycarbonate and 12.8 kg (most lower cost mono lasers weigh half that weight).

Brief Specifications Laser Lexmark MB3442i Mono MFP

MFPs Print, scan, copy (no fax)
Control 7.2cm touch screen
Speed 40 ppm A4 simplex with first page out in 5.9 seconds (test: passed)
Test: 10 pages in 15 seconds – 1.5 pages per second
Duplex printing Test: 10 pages (20 sides) in 33 seconds – 1.5 pages per second
Resolution 600 x 600 or 2400 x 600 in high quality mode
ADF/copy Duplex and flatbed scanning at up to 90/40ppm mono/colour (A4 duplex is half that)
Paper 250-sheet Tray 1, 100-sheet multipurpose feeder, optional 550-sheet Tray 2
Communications USB-B 2.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB-A port for direct printing
Cut 339 (H) x 411 (W) x 336 (D) x 12.8 kg
Compatible Windows, macOS, Linux/Unix
apps Mopria, Apple AirPrint, Lexmark mobile print app, cloud connection to Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive. Wi-Fi Direct
Business Built-in security and works with most management systems. Lexmark Universal Print Driver for most Lexmark devices. PCL and PostScript support
duty cycle 800-8000 pages per month

To install

Download the drivers, connect to Wi-Fi/Ethernet/USB, and that’s it. System administrators will appreciate how easy it is to integrate into the printer fleet, and it finds all Lexmark printers and installations. You can adjust any parameter via the touch screen.

Access to the web server via its IP address also has all conceivable parameters. You can import a configuration file, rename the printer, add an asset tag/location, set up email logs, and clear all information from its memory.

There is also a Lexmark Assistant for Android and iOS apps. It covers scanning and printing (text, photo, web) and discovers all network printers, not just Lexmark. Easy to use for mobile printing.

Fax – cloud only

This model does not have a PSTN phone line for faxing, but you can subscribe to a cloud fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes.

Scan – it’s fast and double-sided!

Lexmark claims 90 pages scanned in mono (300 DPI text mode), which is very fast, and color scanning is half that speed. You can select Text, Text/Photo, Photo, and Graphics (increase resolution and decrease scan speed). It can scan to computer, network storage, email, FTP, etc.

The scanner is well designed with oversized rollers to handle a range of papers and weights. Its two-sided scanning is in a single pass (two scanning heads), which increases reliability.

Print quality – superb

Text is crisp and black like only a laser can. Photos (grayscale) are uniform – no banding or smudging. We’ve tested with a variety of paper stocks and envelopes. The first tray handles up to 100gsm of paper, and the manual feed is for heavier paper.

Printing costs – negligible

There are three user-replaceable parts: the toner/drum unit, the waste toner bottle, and the imaging unit.

The toner is high yield (6,000 pages) and the imaging unit has a life of 40,000 pages. The advantage of a laser is that replacement units give you an almost new unit.

The price of toner varies, so we use as a benchmark.

  • Single Extra High Yield 6,000 pages $186 or 3.1 cents per page
  • Five-pack extra high yields 30,000 pages $874.20 or 2.9 cents per page
  • Image unit 40,000 pages $74 or 0.185 cents per page

Lexmark also operates a Waste Toner Return Program (LCCP) to reduce costs.


Lasers consume more energy than inkjets. Like inkjet printers, they need to be left on all the time. Typical energy consumption (as defined by Energy Star) is 0.54 kilowatt hours per week. At about 25 cents per kWh, that’s about 12 cents per week.

CyberShack View – The Lexmark MB3442i Mono MFP Laser Printer is Very Fast and Inexpensive

It was a pleasure to see this again. I haven’t seen a Lexmark laser in a long time and the new design is welcome. Its build quality is evident, and its speed and print quality are superb. Duplex printing and scanning are fantastic features at this price point.

But what really stands out is the value. $499 to buy full-duplex printing and scanning that won’t slow down for two-sided printing – that’s great. And the printing costs are so low you won’t care.

If you want a fast, reliable, mono laser for a small office or workgroup, it’s hard to beat.

Lexmark MB3442i Monochrome and MC3426 Color Printer Photo Gallery

Photos (note this includes the MC3426 24ppm color printer (usually the image on the left)

Lexmark MB3442i
Note that both use the same scanner

Lexmark MB3442i MFP Monochrome Laser Printer


Lexmark MB3442i


  • 40ppm duplex printing – no loss in speed
  • Duplex single-pass scanning at 90 ppm – no speed loss
  • Well made with a metal chassis – a keeper
  • Minimal monochrome printing cost
  • Possibility of adding a second tray

The inconvenients

  • None really for the right user


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