“The Domino Difference” highlighted in new video

Domino has created a brand new video to kick off the new year, titled, “The Domino Difference.” The video was designed for converters considering implementing digital printing for the first time or adding additional digital printing systems to their business.

In the video, 28 people from 21 companies (a wide range of small, medium and large businesses) and job titles (including positions ranging from owner and president to technicians and engineers) talk about why they chose Domino, their experiences and what they consider the Domino difference. Organizations considering investing in equipment want to know as much as possible about the company they are investing in and the type of experience they can expect to have.

Bill Myers, Marketing Manager, Domino Digital Printing North America, said, “We know that Domino digital printing solutions help our customers make money, grow their business and succeed. In this video, a wide range of customers share what’s most important to them. ”

According to Myers, what is revealed may come as a surprise to many in the industry. He explains, “What will quickly become apparent to viewers of this video is that the comments and responses aren’t just gear-focused. Yes, there is mention of the Domino press and printers, but even more, the conversations you will witness talk about important factors beyond the machine…such as our in-house rental program, our service and support, our sales and our marketing, our employees, our brand… all the nuances and distinctions of Domino.

This video highlights interviews mostly from today, but also goes back over the past few years to illustrate longevity. Several companies featured in this video have made multiple purchases from Domino. Others are new customers. In both cases, the common denominator is that these interviews illustrate and evoke a business relationship that exceeds expectations, as they describe their partnership with Domino.

Converters across North America are featured in this video, along with interviews conducted at their facilities. Industry professionals tell their stories in a variety of settings, from offices, lobbies, corridors, conference rooms, factories and production environments. Each location is different.

Myers says, “We know the due diligence process involves a great deal of time, energy and thought when a converter is considering adding digital printing equipment to their business. For them, to be able to watch a video in which companies of a similar type to themselves describe why they chose Domino or their experiences as a Domino customer… it’s very powerful and impactful. It helps potential digital print users answer a very important question: “If all these converters trust Domino and are successful with Domino…why not me?”

Myers concludes, “When producing this video, one of the highlights for me personally is best described as a wonderful walk down memory lane… reliving those special moments. I remembered these visits to customers, their smiles, their hospitality… already nine years ago, when I joined Domino. Even virtual tours during the pandemic. And thinking about it, I wanted to end the video with a look back at many of these customers in reverse chronological order – a quick montage of memories, if you will – from newest to past, including some of the very first J-converters visited with. Our customers are everything to us. I certainly appreciate the fun we have together and look forward to making many more great memories in the future.


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