The Daily Globe becomes a weekly newspaper


Today’s edition of the Daily Globe will be the paper’s last daily edition as it moves to a weekly format next week.

The Globe, as it will be known, will be published every Thursday, mailed to subscribers as the daily has been for several years, and also available in boxes and from vendors.

“While this is a big change, we look forward to continuing to serve the community as a wonderful source of information and publicity,” said editor Sue Mizell. “We thank the community for their support over the years. We look forward to continuing to be part of the community – delivering strong, hyper-local reporting each week, as well as a high-quality advertising outlet for the business community. . .”

Mizell said sudden staffing issues in the press room forced the move.

“On Monday of this week, the Daily Globe was a profitable and financially sound newspaper, with an equally profitable print shop. We had no plan or reason to reduce publication days, or close our print shop. On Tuesday, everything changed” , she said. .

The decision was taken on Tuesday to permanently close the newspaper’s press. The newspaper will now be printed in Brainerd, Minnesota, and mailed to subscribers as usual from local post offices.

A lack of press operators prevented the paper from printing the Wednesday edition last week, although it was put online for free. Thursday’s edition was printed at Brainerd, as is today’s. The Friday edition was also only available online at no charge.

Mizell said she had been looking for well-trained press operators for more than two years, but found few with such skills, willing to move or stay very long, in an industry where there are fewer in fewer people. The cost of paper, ink, plates and other supplies also continues to rise, she said.

The newspaper was also unable to print the Wakefield News-Bessemer Pick and Ax and the Iron County Miner last week.

In addition to printing its own daily, the newspaper’s press room served as a print shop for half a dozen weekly and monthly publications from across the region. Many of them quickly found other printing plans for their next editions.

Downsizing and downsizing is always difficult. Due to the sudden closure of the factory, nine members of the Daily Globe’s working family were affected.

“If an employer is looking for a loyal and hardworking employee, please contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to share your information with them,” Mizell said.

The first weekly edition of The Globe will be published on Thursday. Subscriptions for all current subscribers will be extended to reflect the new schedule and new publication rates.

The Globe will continue to post daily obituaries on its website at These obituaries will also appear in the weekly print edition.


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