The clickable paper book, “Introduction to graphic communication”, crosses the threshold of adoption



Published by IntuIdeas, the best-selling “Introduction to Graphic Communication” textbook, powered by Ricoh’s Clickable Paper app, has reached the milestone of over 4,000 books sold.

Adopted by 25 schools and a number of industry companies, the book, now in its third printing, has become a bestseller in schools offering graphic arts programs in high schools, primary schools technical, community college, and four-year college and university bachelor’s degrees. programs. Graphic communication companies use the book for the rapid training of new employees with little or no experience in the printing industry.

Co-authored by Cal Poly Professor Emeritus Harvey Levenson and former Seybold Editor-in-Chief John Parsons, the book proved the viability of Ricoh’s Clickable Paper app as a way to approach different writing styles. learning. Levenson said, “People learn best in different ways. Some prefer to read a printed book. Some prefer to watch videos. Some learn best by listening to lectures. And some learn through a combination of these approaches. This book provides all the options straight from a PRINTED book.

Instructors receive a free book syllabus and exam questions. The Ricoh app is free from any app store, and all that’s needed for the clickable experience is a smartphone or tablet computer, something most people have today.

Parsons said, “We have now accompanied the book with a ready-to-use curriculum that transforms its chapter structure into a 12-session lesson plan and rubric covering everything graphic communication students will need for a in-depth knowledge of the subject. By giving the interactive elements of the book equal weight to the text, the program allows instructors to provide their students with a channel of live information that they will continue to find relevant long after the course is over.

What users have to say about Ricoh Clickable Paper

“Students who have a broader skill set will be able to adapt quickly to new technologies that have emerged as a result of the pandemic, and will experience more success after graduation, as communication technologies online and remotely are likely to continue.” — Xiaoying Rong, California Poly

“In a world where everything is interconnected, integrated, interactive, such a fundamental book as part of my teaching makes more sense to me. The visuals of the online offering are powerful tools to use when teaching online… Of the three books I use to develop, update, and teach, Introduction to Graphic Communication has become the main book; my primary source for online or in-class instruction. Thad Kubis, New York College of Technology

“E-learning is probably here to stay. Introduction to Graphic Communication, and its Clickable Paper app, is a great method for fostering student engagement online or in the classroom. It’s the MUST-HAVE resource and exactly what CVCC Graphics Imaging Technology students needed during this time of transition. Patrick Ruebensaal, Cuyahoga Valley Career Center

“Thank goodness for the augmented reality features in Harvey Levenson and John Parsons’ book, Introduction to Graphical Communication. Using Ricoh’s CP Clicker app, my students can see experts speak and watch the technology being used …it’s definitely a lifesaver when you can’t use gear [during the pandemic].” — Jerry Waite, University of Houston

“Introduction to Graphic Communication is a wonderful book for our introductory print course at ASU. It gives historical context and connects to modern printing techniques and trends through easy chapters and pages to browse that connect via digitization to online resources. Penny Ann Dalton, Arizona State University

“Your book blends very well with our first year curriculum for our Graphic Communications Management students. It contains so much excellent and up-to-date information about the printing industry that no other introductory textbook on the market does not currently own. Diana Varma, Ryerson University

A bonus

Those who purchase 10 or more books receive a free, signed copy of “Understanding Graphic Communication”, Levenson’s reference graphic communication book, the first to be copyrighted in the year 2000. The book covers the history and the philosophy of graphic communication and remains largely topical. This offer is available while stocks last.

Source: IntuIdeas

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