The 10 Most Affordable Sites for Online Digital Photo Printing


No one seems to be printing photos anymore. Instead, we throw them on social media and call it a day. Who needs printed photos taking up drawer space when you have unlimited online photo storage? Plus, online photo galleries are simply more convenient.

But some images are so beautiful or precious that the impression makes sense. Maybe you want to carry them around in your wallet, or you want to print out that perfect landscape photo you took, so you can hang it above the fireplace.

Where can you get such impressions? These days, you can just hop online and use one of the many affordable photo printing services that will print and ship your photos directly to you. Here are some of the best online photo printing services available.

Shutterfly can turn your digital photos into photo books, cards, stationery, poster prints, mugs, puzzles, mouse pads, pillows and more. Seriously, the selection here is crazy. Whatever the occasion, you will find something to suit you.

Price-wise, it’s pretty good. Thank you cards start at $1.05, photo books at $19.98 and canvas prints at $69.98. For what you get, these costs are quite affordable, especially when you consider how personalized and personal they will be. Shutterfly ships internationally to over 100 countries.

As of this writing, Shutterfly is offering free shipping on the first order (US only). On top of that, they run occasional campaigns that can save you up to 50% on your order. Keep an eye out for these deals and you’ll come away a winner.

FreePrints is unique from other services on this list. This interfaces directly with the photos of your mobile device(s) using an application. Available for Android and iOS, it is extremely convenient and worth checking out.

How it works? Every time you take a photo, you can order free 4×6 prints of it through FreePrints. Additionally, the app can also order free photo prints from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Likewise, you can convert your Google Photos images into souvenirs with FreePrints. There are no subscription fees, but you pay for shipping, which starts at $1.99 but never goes above $9.99.

Each photo is limited to one free print. Additionally, you can only order free prints of up to 85 photos per month and 1,000 photos per year. If you want prints in a size other than 4×6, you will need to purchase them.

You can order prints of your favorite photos on the MailPix website or mobile app. Besides photo prints, it offers custom wall art, mugs, pillows, and calendars.

A single 4×6 print starts at $0.24, posters start at $5.29, photo cards start at $1.10 per card, photo books start at $25 for 4×6 prints and everything else is at one reasonable price. The company often holds big promotions. Currently, it is offering 60% discount on the whole order. So be sure to check out the Offers page before placing an order.

MailPix takes 5-7 days for express and 10-12 days for ground shipping. Shipping costs are different for each product. You can also pick up your prints at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart in less than an hour and save on shipping.

Not only good for drugstore and convenience items, most Walgreens’ photo printing services are outstanding. In addition to photo prints, you can order photo books, premium cards, calendars, posters, canvas prints, decorations, and more.

The price is reasonable, but not the cheapest. While photo books start at $9.99 and thank you cards at $0.95, a small canvas print can be had for as little as $39.99. And the best part? Most prints are eligible for same-day pickup, which is great if you have a Walgreens nearby.

Snapfish, owned by Apollo Global Management, is a very affordable online printing service enjoyed by over 90 million members. Not only does it offer digital printing, but it’s a community where users can host and share their photos. It even has an online photo editing tool.

Photo books start at $12.99, cards at $1, and canvas prints at $19.99. Plus, they offer “photo gifts” like blankets, pillows, stationery, posters, and more.

The cool thing about Snapfish is that it also specializes in home printing products. You can download these maps, calendars, etc. and print them yourself if you wish. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of an online printing service, but I’ve included a mention in case you’re interested.

Like Walgreens, you can walk into almost any physical CVS and find a photo printing station inside. Also like Walgreens, unless you live in the middle of nowhere, chances are you have a CVS nearby.

This makes CVS a great choice for photo printing because you can order for same-day pickup: print online, drive in, collect. Or have it delivered to your home if you prefer.

Regular photo prints start from $0.39 each, thank you cards can be purchased for as low as $0.95 each, and canvas prints start at $29.99. CVS’s photo print quality isn’t bad either, so it’s a good balance between quality and price.

It’s no surprise that Walmart’s photo printing service is by far the most affordable of them all. With regular photo prints starting at $0.12, thank you cards starting at $0.39, and canvas prints starting at $17.96, Walmart is blowing its competition out of the water.

And while that undercut in price comes with a slight drop in overall print quality, it’s still good enough for most uses. You’ll only notice the difference in quality if you have a trained eye for photography or if you’re printing something massive like a poster.

Printique (formerly Adoramapix) is a subsidiary of Adorama, the renowned company that acts as both a photography gear store and an educational resource for learning photography. Printique is a complementary service for high quality printing of digital photos.

They use high-end printers and state-of-the-art software to maximize print quality, while keeping their prices competitive. For example, photo cards start at $4.99 for just one, but can be cheaper when buying in bulk, up to $1.95 each for a pack of 12.

The downside is that Printique does not have a large selection of products available. Other than photo books, calendars, cards, and various types of printing, there isn’t much else, but if that’s all you need, Printique is a great service.

You probably know FedEx as nothing more than a shipping company for packages and things you buy online, but what you probably didn’t know is that FedEx operates a few other services under its name, including a digital printing and shipping service that you can use online.

Poster prints start at $17.25, photo posters start at $27.99, and canvas prints start at $34.99. FedEx also offers maps and calendars and even lets you generate passport photos. Although slightly more expensive than its competitors, we’re not talking about much. Also, you will have to pay shipping costs unless your order exceeds $100.

If you can grab one of Winkflash’s regular deals, you might be able to get prints for an even lower price than Walmart offers. We’ve seen photo prints as low as $0.10, thank you cards as low as $0.36, and canvas prints as low as $7.50.

Note that the drop in quality compared to the best online photo printing services is significantly worse for Winkflash than for Walmart. So bad that you should avoid using the service? Not really. But definitely reserve the use of Winkflash for casual, personal printing and not for gifts or semi-professional work.

Get your photos printed online and delivered

I’m a big fan of digital photography, but I can’t deny that physical photos held in hands are more personal. With these sites, you can print your photos at affordable prices, whether you want to keep them in your wallet or give them as gifts.

Although photo prints are great gifts, they aren’t the only way to turn your photographs into gifts.


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