Technology that is changing the manufacturing sector


Manufacturing is changing, as you might expect, as the world becomes more and more programmable and efficient.

The German government coined the term Manufacturing 4.0 to explain some of the significant changes taking place in the industry. Changes in manufacturing are likely to improve production by making it cheaper and more efficient.

Ultra-fast 3D printing

3D printing has been around for a while now, but it is not widely used in manufacturing due to productivity constraints. Compared to traditional injection molding techniques, 3D printing is time consuming and expensive because you have to print layer after layer of plastic.

This is not the case with superfast 3D printing. This technology is called high speed sintering and it is revolutionizing the manufacturing sector. Instead of waiting for the plastics to be printed and fused, the sintering process uses inkjet heads to print faster and an infrared lamp for fusing.

Internet of things

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the Internet of things Slowly takes control of the factory as well as many modern homes. There are obvious advantages to having everything integrated, such as efficiency, security, flexibility and productivity. But the IoT also allows manufacturers to enrich their products.

Uses AI technology and IoT companies can provide more personalized service to customers. Take the automotive industry for example; If the order specification changes during the production process, changes can be made during manufacture by updating the modeling system on the IoT.

Lifting equipment

When it comes to manufacturing, some things never change; there will always be a need for lifting equipment in this area. Lifting equipment includes items such as winches, hoists, beam clamps and trolleys, light chains, hydraulic systems, and lifting jacks.

If you are running a business in the manufacturing industry, you need a reliable supplier of Lifting equipment. The reason is twofold. Quality lifting equipment is necessary to ensure that you provide the best service to customers, but reliable lifting equipment is also necessary for safety and compliance reasons.

Light-based manufacturing


Today, robots are needed to create circuit boards that are used in computers, devices, and other products. These robots are good at soldering small parts in place for circuit boards, but they can be expensive to use. Now there is a new technology called Light-Based Manufacturing.

Light-Based Manufacturing describes the process of using light to manipulate components in a liquid. You may need to use a little imagination until you discover this technology for yourself, but rest assured that it makes it easier to produce parts on a large scale at much lower costs.

Embedded metrology

Quality control in the manufacturing process is very important; Unfortunately, it is also an expensive process that takes time, attention and dedication. Currently, machines are programmed to select random items for testing, and then the entire batch is validated.

On-board meteorology is a fast and convenient solution that measures parts in the production process without human interference in the production line. This technology is however still a bit manual, but things are changing with more automated factory solutions.


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