Silca’s Ridiculously Expensive 3D Computer Mount ti: The Cheaper Sequel, More New Hunt Aero Wheels, SIS’s “Revolutionary” Study and More


Check out all of this week’s big – and not-big – bike and gear news, including Silca’s updated computer support, SiS’s “groundbreaking” refueling study for endurance cyclists, Hiplok’s stylish solutions for storing, securing and protecting bikes as well as riding gear, Rapha clothing and more…

Silca’s super strong 3D printed ti computer stand just got cheaper, and it’s more versatile too

Last year, Silca unveiled a 3D-printed titanium computer stand that’s made in a unique lattice design and claimed it was six to 12 times stronger than models made by traditional methods, not weighs just 27g and takes both Garmin and Wahoo bike computers.

The Mensola is certainly unlike anything else, and now Silca has launched the next generation of its computer mount which is called “Chisela” and this updated model includes a secure mount for lights or cameras underneath .

3D printing would have allowed Silca to break down traditional manufacturing barriers. “3D printing allows for unique, gyroid or hollow geometries inside to provide the solid infrastructure needed to handle the load from the computer and accessory rack,” explains the brand.

Based on this, the Chisela features a “T-Tray” mounting system inspired by the T-shaped subfloor of an F1 racing car. This is said to allow quick attachment of lights or cameras and provides more versatility for those who need it. Additionally, Silca claims that this T-Tray system adds virtually no extra weight and has no aerodynamic penalty while adding functionality.

Chisela offers two adjustable sizes (standard and wide) and Silca says it fits nearly all handlebar stems with forward-facing bolts, and additional designs have been developed to fit brands of handlebars as well. integrated stems/handlebars.

For durability, Silca has coated the Chisela in Cerakote Black. “It is the world’s first ceramic coating for aerospace, military and biomedical applications,” says Silca. “This high performance ceramic coating increases abrasion resistance over 100 times while increasing corrosion resistance over 1000 times over traditional metal finishes and paint coatings.”

The Chisela will set you back £116, but at least that’s not as painful as the previous version’s £175 price tag.

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Is this new scientific study about to change the future of sports nutrition for endurance runners?

2022 SiS Beta Fuel

Nutrition brand Science in Sport has researched ways to unlock the peak performance potential of elite endurance athletes and announced the publication of a new scientific paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology which is supposed to change everything you thought you knew about stamina refueling.

The new study shows that endurance cyclists can tolerate 120 grams of carbohydrates per hour to support high carbohydrate availability during exercise without gastrointestinal distress, which is significantly higher than the currently recommended intake of 90 grams per hour. hour. It also shows that it can be achieved in liquid (drink), semi-solid (gel), and solid (chewable jelly) forms as well as a combination of the three.

“When measuring the amount of carbs consumed that was used for energy, the athletes in the study were using more than 1.5 grams of carbs per minute,” says Science in Sport. “Even after three hours of sustained effort, 50% of the energy used came from Science in Sport Beta Fuel, with no transition from carbs to fat.”

> Review: SIS Beta Fuel Dual Source Energy Chews

the SiS beta fuel The product line is aimed at endurance athletes and is designed for use during prolonged exercise over 2-2.5 hours.

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Check out Hunt’s new aero wheels with specific front and rear depths and external rim widths

Hunt has added the 7387 and 8387 to its Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc lineup, with these two new options being the first in the collection to feature independent front and rear rim profiles, which are claimed to provide low drag while maintaining crosswind stability.

2022 Hunt 7387 and 8387 Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc

In-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis techniques were combined with wind tunnel testing to develop three aerodynamically optimized wheels to meet the needs of triathlon, time trial (TT) riders and criterium.

“The aero design approach addressed the different aerodynamic requirements of the front and rear wheels as part of the overall system to deliver maximum confidence in handling and exceptional speed,” says Hunt.

Two 73mm and 83mm deep front wheel options are sold, and they both come paired with an 87mm deep rear wheel, giving riders the choice between two different wheel systems depending on the conditions, as well as their preferences and goals. The wheels also feature different external rim width profiles, the front is 34mm wide, while the rear is 30mm.

When simulating aerodynamic performance in the context of asymmetric wind conditions on the Kona course (Triathlon World Championships), the 8387 (1796g) is expected to deliver class-leading aerodynamic benefits, while maintaining exceptional stability in windy conditions. askew and handling characteristics.

The shallower 7387 (1776g) runs just 0.35W slower than the deeper 8387 under the same conditions, while minimizing steering forces and delivering even more stable and predictable ride characteristics.

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Take a look at Hiplok’s neat storage solutions for traveling

Hiplok have introduced a new range called Prepare + Protect which has been developed to help cyclists store, secure and protect bikes and riding gear.

The new range consists of the Organizer gear storage rack, the Flipstand compact bike rack and the Ride Shield which Hiplok says is the first car and bike protector designed specifically for cyclists.

Driving shield, £120

2022 Hiplok Driving Shield

Is it the ideal means of transport for cyclists wishing to take their bike by car? With the Ride Shield, Hiplok claims to have solved the problem of how to easily and efficiently transport your bike inside your car, protecting your bike while keeping the interior clean of oil, grease and mud. .

Designed to fit any car with the rear seats folded down, the buckle system should fit over the front seats to stay in place while the padded tailgate cover should help protect the bike and car bumps and scratches.

Another useful touch is the integrated security cover which hides the bike from unwanted view, and a large gear storage pouch has also been included to store your shoes, helmets and other gear.

Flip Stand, £19.99

2022 Hiplok Flipstand

This is designed to be a compact and lightweight solution for carrying out basic cleaning and maintenance of your bike where there is no room for a large bike stand.

It consists of two handlebar stabilizers and a saddle guard, and is designed to work with the bike upside down. Hiplok says this “allows you to access and work on the bike conveniently without damaging the controls or dirtying the grips and saddle.”

Organizer, £39.99

Organizer Hiplok 2022

Designed to help you efficiently keep your cycling and outdoor gear in one place, the Organizer Storage Hanger features two large storage pockets for storing helmets and shoes as well as built-in elastic straps for tools and accessories.

It works with the Hiplok Airlok High Security Bike Hanger and is hanger compatible.

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Shokz has released a mini version of its OpenRun helmet

2022 Shokz OpenRun Mini

Shokz (formerly known as AfterShokz) introduces the OpenRun Mini to their line of bone conduction headphones, with the new model being a smaller version of the OpenRun to create a snug fit on smaller heads.

OpenRuns are slim, comfortable and come with a handy quick-charge option so you never have to go for a ride without some musical motivation. Plus, with the open-ear design, you’ll be able to stay well aware of your surroundings on the road.

> Read our full model review here

Designed with a tighter fit, the OpenRun Minis have the same features as the OpenRuns, including an eight-hour battery life, 10-minute quick-charge feature, IP67 waterproofing, and are made of a lightweight 26″ flexible titanium frame. g.

Available on Amazonthe new OpenRun Mini costs £129.95, the same price as the full-size version.

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Relive Mark Cavendish’s Tour de France 2021 record in his latest book

Tour de Force Mark Cavendish 2022 My historic Tour de France

How did Mark Cavendish come back at 36 from illness, setbacks and clinical depression to create history by equaling the all-time Tour de France stage win record? Mark Cavendish’s “Tour de Force: My Historic Tour de France” comes out on May 26, and it’s his account of the “miracle lap” of 2021.

Despite having won an astonishing 30 Tour de France stages, before July 2021 the Manxman had not won a grand tour stage in Italy, Spain or France since 2016. He was not included in the Deceuninck Quick-Step team only at the very last minute, but Cavendish set about reclaiming the green sprinter jersey he first wore in 2011.

His four Tour de France stage wins last summer finally saw him equal Belgian legend Eddy Merckx’s all-time record of 34 Tour de France stage wins.

Will you add it to your reading list?

Get an EF pro kit

Kit EF Rapha 2022 Gruber

Image credit: Gruber

Is this the coolest kit in the men’s and women’s peloton? We hear a lot of people think so and if that’s you, now’s your chance to rock this kit yourself.

Earlier this year, the EF Education-EasyPost Men’s Professional Team and the EF Education-TIBCO-SVB Women’s Professional Team unveiled their 2022 kits and are now both on general sale at

Male and female pros go head-to-head in this kit which has the same design but with a subtle color variation. The design is described as a “modern take on the Argyle pattern”, and was executed through “creative coding and image/pattern manipulation”.

Pro Team Bib Shorts II (£210), Pro Team Aero Jersey (£155), Pro Team Training Jersey (£90), Pro Team Socks (£15), Snood (£15) and even more accessories are now available in EF Education-TIBCO-SVB and EF Education-EasyPost designs.

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