Senate founds chess club and discusses elections


The Student Union Senate established the Brandeis Chess Club at its March 13 meeting.

Zared Cohen ’25 and Marcus Sutton ’25 introduced the Chess Club to the Senate and explained that it is a place where students learn and practice chess.

“Brandeis doesn’t have a chess club at all. He needs Deis Chess,” Cohen said.

Sutton said the chess club would need funding to purchase chess supplies such as chess boards and timers, acquire membership in the United States Chess Federation, and provide transportation to tournaments.

The Pokemon Club was supposed to present at the Senate meeting, but none of its members attended.

Executive Senator Ashna Kelkar ’24 said the Union will hold elections to fill a number of positions that have opened up due to resignations this semester. Senator Joseph Coles ’22 has expressed concern that these elections are not taking place within the 14-day window after resignations, as required by the constitution. Kelkar said too few students had already expressed an interest in running, so the elections could not be held on time.

Senator Nicholas Kanan ’23 told the Senate that the sustainability committee, in conjunction with the MakerLab, will organize an Upcycle Fest, in which students can use plastic waste, mostly from the 3D printing process, to create works of art.


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