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This sustainability report has been prepared by Secura Group Limited (the “Company“) and has been reviewed by the company’s sponsor, United Overseas Bank Limited (the “Sponsor“), to comply with Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited SGX-ST Rules 226(2)(b) and 753(2) (the “SGX-ST“) Registration Manual Section B: Catalist Rules.

This sustainability report has not been reviewed or approved by the SGX-ST. SGX-ST assumes no responsibility for the content of this sustainability report, including the accuracy of any statements or opinions expressed or reports contained in this sustainability report.

The contact persons for the sponsor are Mr. David Tham, Senior Director, Equity Capital Markets and Ms. Priscilla Ong, Vice President, Equity Capital Markets, who can be contacted at 80 Raffles Place, #03-03 UOB Plaza 1, Singapore 048624, telephone: +65 6533 9898.

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About this sustainability report

We are pleased to present Secura Group Limited’s annual sustainability report (the “Company” or “Secura“, and with our subsidiaries, the “Group“), for the year ended December 31, 2021 (“FY2021“).

This report has been prepared (i) in accordance with Rules 711A and 711B of Section B of the SGX-ST Rating Handbook: Catalist Rules, and (ii) with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI“) Standards: basic option. We have adopted the GRI reporting framework because it provides an internationally recognized benchmark for disclosure on a full range of sustainability topics.

The scope of policies and data covered in this report relate only to operations in Singapore, where we are headquartered and where major operating subsidiaries are located.

In defining the content of our reports, we have referred to the GRI principles to define the content of the reports taking into account the Group’s activities, the impact and the substantial expectations and interests of our stakeholders. We observed a total of 4 principles including stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, materiality and comprehensiveness. For the quality of the reports, we observed the principles of balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, clarity and reliability.

We have applied a standardized approach to data collection and analysis across our operations, and ensure that data is internally monitored and verified before release. We have not sought external assurance for this report. The environmental, social and governance data and information provided for the purposes of this report have not been verified by an independent third party.

In our ongoing efforts to ensure and improve our sustainability journey, we value your opinions and feedback on [email protected].

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Board Statement

The Board of Directors of the Company (the “Plank“) and the direction (the “Management“) presents our sustainability report for fiscal year 2021 and provides an update on our ongoing efforts and commitment to achieving our sustainability goals.

The Board of Directors and Management subscribe to sustainable development efforts and adopt a long-term vision in all areas of the environment, social and governance (“ESG“) practices in our continued quest to achieve high economic value for all of our stakeholders.

We have reviewed key material ESG factors with all of our business units and have determined that these material factors remain relevant. We will continue our efforts to integrate technology applications into our business operations to optimize resources.

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second year and given the most transmissible variant, the Group has maintained its focus on keeping the health and safety of our workers of utmost importance. We have encouraged our staff to be fully vaccinated, provided a regular supply of surgical masks and rapid antigen test kits to monitor their health as most are essential service workers, who are more susceptible and exposed to the virus in their working environment. Besides remote monitoring as a service, we have also provided wearable cameras to most of our officers to allow them to perform their jobs with greater confidence and deter unwarranted social abuse. We believe in embracing technology to improve work performance.

With climate change impact high on the sustainability management agenda, our next directive is to adopt solar energy applications to power our facilities. Although our energy consumption is not excessively high, it is necessary to minimize our carbon footprint.

Our sustainability efforts are led by the Chief Executive (“CEO“) and the heads of each business unit. The Board reviews and determines the relevance of the Group’s material ESG factors, oversees the management and monitoring of these factors and takes into account sustainable development issues in determining the strategic direction and Group policies.

This is our fifth sustainability report and we have included comparative data with the previous year’s report.

The Company will continue to seek new initiatives to work towards the inclusion of sustainability efforts in the conduct of our business.

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Organization Profile

Secura was listed on the Catalist Board of SGX-ST on January 28, 2016 through the merger of the Secura group of companies and the Soverus group of companies.

The Secura group of companies has been providing secure printing services for valuable documents with anti-counterfeit features since 1976 and owns one of the largest check printing businesses in Singapore. Present in Singapore, Bangladesh and Taiwan, its range of valuable documents includes, among others, bank checks and passbooks, cash vouchers, education certificates, marriage certificates, statement mailings, prepaid top-up vouchers, betting slips and machine-readable exam answer sheets.

The Soverus group of companies provides security services, including guarding, security systems integration, cybersecurity, homeland security and security consulting services. As a premium security agency in Singapore, the group provides unarmed guarding services and operates a state-of-the-art 24-hour command center with remote CCTV monitoring and video analytics for round-the-clock monitoring of local.

The Group entered the professional training field in 2017 and incorporated Secura Training Academy Pte Ltd (“CLIP“), labeled Approved Public Training Organization, and offers training modules for the security and service sectors.

Secura also holds a 19% stake in Custodio Technologies Pte Ltd (“Custody Technologies“), a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. Custodio Technologies’ core business is the research and development of new cybersecurity solutions and capabilities, with an emphasis on online early warning technology.

The group is headquartered at 38 Alexandra Terrace, Singapore 119932 and operates from 2 other locations in Singapore – Pioneer Road North and Buroh Street factories for its printing operations. Through its security printing division, it also has associates operating in Taipei, Taiwan and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

At the end of FY2021, the Group has 15 subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, comprising 12 local entities employing a total of 915 people in Singapore.

The Group has a diverse customer base comprising over 800 clients in various industries, including multinational corporations, financial institutions, government agencies and small and medium enterprises.

The Group is also represented in industry associations, with 3 of its subsidiaries being members of the Security Association Singapore and the Association of Certified Security Agencies. The Group Managing Director (Security Guarding) is also the Vice President (Systems) of the Security Association Singapore. The Company and some of its subsidiaries also subscribe to membership in the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Precautionary principle

For our printing division, we ensure that raw material supplies, especially paper, materials are secured from internationally approved sustainable sources. Paper sources are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified.

Given the current scale of the Group’s activities, we have not taken any measures to address potential environmental impacts. However, we follow recycling procedures and ensure the proper disposal of industrial waste in accordance with guidelines approved by the National Environment Agency.

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