Samsung’s new OLED tech can help create truly bezel-less phones


Samsung Display, the world’s best OLED panel maker for small devices, has developed new technology to make thinner and cheaper OLED panels. It can be used to make truly frameless and cheaper smartphones.

The South Korean firm has would have started testing an inkjet-style OCR (Optically Clear Resin) process to spray a clear adhesive onto the panel instead of using layers of transparent adhesive tape (OCA or Optically Clear Adhesive). This makes the whole manufacturing process less expensive and takes less time. The company reportedly overcame all the challenges associated with inkjet printing.

Additionally, this new gluing technique is easier to work around the edges and provides greater precision around the perforation section. Samsung Display has ordered the necessary OCR equipment to conduct mass production trials at its Vietnamese factory. From now on, 3M is the market leader in printing equipment, but Samsung try other providers to make the process more affordable.

If the trials are successful, we may see future smartphones becoming slimmer and truly bezel-less. The cost of these screens would also be lower, which could translate to cheaper phones. It could also lead to the use of OLED screens in entry-level smartphones.

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