Receipt Supply Overcomes Industry-Wide Paper Shortage to Post 107% Sales Increase in Q1 2022


“When it comes to this inside-out hospitality environment, we really see a case of ‘here today, gone tomorrow,'” said Mark Zisek, director of business operations, Front Desk Supply. options that ensure our customers don’t feel the effects of shortages.

Front Desk Supply, a leading San Diego, Calif.-based hospitality supplier, reported a 107% increase in first-quarter sales despite an industry-wide paper shortage threatening businesses. essential paper hotel supplies. As part of the strategic support to help these Front Desk Managers and Hotel Operations Buyers during these difficult times, Front Desk Supply is offering a discount on combined orders of non-paper products with quick turnaround which can be found at http ://

“We’ve seen a sea change in the way front desk managers and hotel operations professionals order their products during these difficult times,” said Mark Zisek, director of business operations, Front Desk Supply. “As strategic partners for these roles, we guide them to better buys with a mindset of ordering what is abundantly available now and before any potential shortages down the road.”

Since the start of the pandemic, hoteliers and front desk managers have faced a myriad of issues getting what they need with consistency. Shortages of paper products have hampered industry and many others, including education and printing. Paper mills were overwhelmed by high demand and, without the help of imports or outsourcing, paper mills shut down or delayed production – a trend that has continued into 2022.

“When it comes to this inside-out home environment, we’re really seeing a case of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’, and this month it’s paper supplies. Who knows what might be next month’s shortage,” Zisek said. “We are constantly looking for options that ensure our customers don’t feel the effects of shortages.”

This is not the first time that a paper shortage has affected the hospitality industry. In 2020, raw paper has become scarce and many hotel suppliers have closed their doors.

“It’s been a tough two years for hotel suppliers, and our ability to diversify and meet the diverse needs of our partners has helped us survive these dire conditions,” Zisek said.

The lack of paper products available on the market today is what causes the longest delays for hotel managers. Prospects vary from 30 to 120 days, or even longer in some cases. Paper hotel supplies have a long lead time due to production and shipping, while non-paper items are often faster.

Front Desk Supply is an industry leader in hospitality supplies, offering a wide variety of non-paper items such as laundry bags, staff ID badges, staff ID badges, food and drinks, key cards and PPE.

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Front Desk Supply has over 50 years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising and operations, along with the wealth of knowledge from producing millions of products for thousands of hotels in the hospitality industry.

Their concern for building relationships with customers is ingrained in all employees. Putting the customer first and providing a unique perspective to any situation is the hallmark of Front Desk Supply. Front Desk Supply excels in providing multiple complementary products – it provides a unique shopping experience for customers and ensures consistent messaging flows between products. They expertly offer recommendations that make good business sense.

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