Pupils from Barrow School give artists an impression of Earnse Bay


Students from BARROW Elementary School worked with an award-winning artist to produce an exhibition focusing on Earnse Bay.

Year five students at Greengate School created artwork for display and decided which artist they wanted to exhibit with.

The results, titled A Trip to Earnse Bay, will be shown at Cookes Studios in Abbey Road from July 6.

The project was led by BarrowFull (formerly Barra Culture) and began months ago when their Artist for Change Danielle Chappell-Aspinwall and Creative Community Connector Marisa Crane worked with students to incorporate materials that children had found in Earnse Bay in mixed media inspired sculptures near the beach and their favorite things.

The students also worked with Danielle, Marisa and BarrowFull producer Kathrin Bonnar to create clay tiles that will be on display.

Lynn Reddy, one of the teachers at the school, said: “The kids have been so excited about this art project.

“They loved visiting Earnse Bay and spending time outdoors. Picking up litter on the beach really got the kids thinking about their local environment and empowering them.

“All have generated creative and meaningful works of art from this process.”

The children were involved in selecting an artist whose work would be exhibited alongside their own and they chose London-based Alexander Mourant.

Alexander made an initial visit to Barrow to meet people and take photos before returning for a two-week residency to produce work that includes the cyanotype process.

This method of photographic printing produces prints with a distinctive blue color, a method widely used in architecture and engineering for many years, hence the term “blueprint”.

Alexander’s cyanotypes feature beach-related objects found at Earnse Bay, which is considered one of the area’s incredible natural assets and is currently undergoing community center development.

Alexander’s work has been included in numerous national publications and has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

A visiting professor of photography and tutor at the University of Westminster, he also led a landmark school collaboration in London this year.

The Earnse Bay Exhibition opens July 6 from 4-6 p.m. and runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on July 7, 9, and 11. Free entry.


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