Prodways presents the ProMaker P1000 S to democratize SLS for industrial production


The French manufacturer Prodways presented its brand new SLS 3D printer, the ProMaker P1000 S, at Formnext Digital Days. Designed to make SLS additive manufacturing more accessible, this new industrial solution is reliable, ergonomic, flexible and suitable for industrial production. The ProMaker P1000 S is compatible with PA12, PA11, TPU and PP, which means it meets a wider variety of applications, providing mass part design and greater repeatability for any user. With this, the French company hopes to enable more professionals to take advantage of the benefits of laser sintering technology.

SLS is one of the most widely used additive manufacturing processes on the market. It makes it possible to design parts with the best properties, in particular in terms of isotropy, without any support, which multiplies the possibilities in terms of geometric complexity. Finally, it is a technology particularly suited to small and medium series. However, the investment in an SLS machine is relatively high compared to processes such as extrusion or light curing. Laser sintering also has its limitations when it comes to mass production. Prodways has developed the ProMaker 1000 S to meet these challenges.

ProMaker P1000S

The ProMaker P1000 S (photo credits: Prodways)

Features of the ProMaker P1000 S

With a print volume of 300*300*360 mm (or 32L), the machine reaches a speed of 1.4L per hour and is equipped with a high quality 30W laser. With its two powder supply tanks, users can print their parts in hours without having to refill the tanks. Prodways claims the machine can be installed in just 10 minutes, including cleaning and nesting. The “Slicing on the fly” feature will allow parts to be added to production even if the machine has started. Finally, 50 print settings are available to optimize your production.

Prodways is therefore betting on a machine that is more flexible and easy to use while remaining affordable. The current market offers high-cost industrial SLS 3D printers and a few machines that are more compact and limited in build volume. The ProMaker P1000 S is between the two and according to the manufacturer, it offers the best price/print volume ratio. Sylvestre Perrin, CEO of Prodways Printers SLS, explains, “Our goal is to open the industrial production of SLS to new applications, to new users who could not access it before. Exactly on the price side, the ProMaker P1000 S is available from €117,500 with delivery scheduled from April 2022.

Prodways hopes to democratize SLS for industrial production (photo credits: Prodways)

A more suitable material developed with BASF Forward AM

Most SLS machines use PA12 or PA11, materials that offer interesting characteristics but the choice remains limited. Prodways wanted to expand the range of materials and approached BASF Forward AM to develop a bespoke polypropylene, PP 1200. It is an affordable powder that has good chemical resistance, high elasticity, low moisture absorption and good recyclability. Sustainability has become a key issue for market players, and more and more users are turning to more environmentally friendly materials. Polypropylene is now recyclable, which is an important criterion for choosing the right additive manufacturing solution.

The ProMaker P1000 S remains compatible with PA12, PA11 and TPU; this partnership with BASF Forward AM aims to unlock new applications for laser sintering and enable users to scale to large-scale production. concluded Sylvestre Perrin, “We are not just offering a new SLS 3D printer, but a fully validated solution, whether in terms of machine, process, materials or even workflow.” Note that until December 31, Prodways is offering a complete discovery offer at a competitive price. Feel free to watch the replay of the presentation webinar HERE to learn more about the machine and the offer in question.

Example of a 3D printed part on the ProMaker P1000 S (photo credits: Prodways)

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*Cover photo credits: Prodways


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