Playground, parking lot resurfaced, news bulletin board at Norwayne


KEY ACTION Norwayne Local School District Superintendent Kevin Leatherman highlighted improvement projects throughout the district, including the installation of the new scoreboard at the Community Stadium.

KEY DISCUSSION A new scoreboard made possible by donations from Barry Romich, Dwight Schar and Mike Jarrett has been installed at Community Stadium. Leatherman said he and the athletic director tested it to make sure it was “functional and functional”.

Resurfacing of Norwayne Elementary School’s playground and south parking lot is also complete.

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Kevin Leatherman

Positive notes on the condition test report

OTHER DEBATE Preliminary state test results show that Norwegian students doubled the number of indicators achieved on state standards. Detailed documentation will be available when the bulletin data is made public by the state.

The district is “getting back in the right direction,” Leatherman said. “There is still work to do.”

The district’s STEAM initiative has also been moving in a positive direction since its inception in Norwayne District” a few years ago, Leatherman said, noting “(It) continues to grow”.

The program started with eighth grade robotics and seven participants and expanded to Norwayne Secondary School, where two classes are available for a current total of 24 students. Of the 24, nine are young women, he said, demonstrating their growing involvement in engineering.

“We’ve doubled the number of eighth graders (in the program),” Leatherman said, noting that Norwayne students have already placed well in local and national robotics competitions.

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STEAM programming is now also available for fifth-graders, and an after-school program, with various scheduling options to accommodate parents’ schedules, will begin this school year for third- and fourth-graders.

While STEAM grades seven through 12 primarily focus on robotics, lower grades three through seven benefit from a variety of STEAM activities, including coding, 3D printing, soldering circuits, and the use of laser engravers.

Crafting carts filled with STEAM supplies and activities are another avenue for students to explore careers and different paths, Leatherman said.

FYI: New Buses, Kindergarten Safety Training

  1. The council has advertised to receive bids for two 78-passenger school buses. “We continue to work on our bus fleet,” Leatherman said, transitioning from diesel fuel to liquid propane. The next step will be “to look at electric buses,” Leatherman said, “potentially to move away from any emissions, although that’s quite a distance.”
  2. Kindergarten Bus Safety Training will be held at 9:20 a.m. on Saturday, August 13 at Norwayne Elementary School. Call Transportation Coordinator Lori Weinman, 330-435-1141, for more information.

NEXT Regular sitting, 6:30 p.m. Aug. 22, Norwayne High School Library, 350 S. Main St., Creston; new staff welcome at 5:30 p.m.


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