Picon appoints James Boughton as chairman


James Boughton, Managing Director of Edale, is Picon’s new Chairman, succeeding Mark Bristow of Friedheim International who served an extended term covering the COVID crisis. The handover took place at the annual general meeting last week.

Boughton has worked for label and packaging equipment maker Edale for 27 years, after earning an engineering degree and leading them through to acquisition by Canon Production Printing.

According to the company, Boughton likes the ability to network and have a good focus on where the industry is headed through Picon membership. As a partner-based company, he says Edale has benefited from collaboration opportunities as well as TAG/TAGX training grants and access to good knowledge.

It pays tribute to Bristow who, after serving three years, is the longest-serving president since Picon’s renaming in 1993. “He’s had a very troubled term. We appreciated his particularly good speeches; he’s a very knowledgeable and interesting person,” says Boughton.

Boughton hopes his tenure will provide Picon with continuity and stability. He wants to explore the member companies in order to make a wider range of employees aware of the advantages offered by Picon. He knows that background and purpose information shared by Picon can really help them improve their business.

Boughton is married to Claire and has two daughters Ella (18) and Freya (15) and lives in Winchester. He is a northerner by birth who went to the University of Portsmouth, the start of his move south.

Three other Picon members joined the Picon Council this year: Neil Jones, Managing Director of Bobst UK; Kevin O’Donnell, Marketing Manager, Graphic Communications Xerox UK, Ireland and Nordics; and Peter Murphy, managing director of Turnbull & Scott.

Other members of the Picon Council: Neil Sutton (Komori); Ryan Miles (Heidelberg); Andy Pang (Koenig & Bauer); Iain Bullock (Renz); Stuart Murphy (Rolem); Tim Klemz (Compact Engineering, another BPMSA representative); and Robert Flather (Kolbus).

Bettine Pellant, CEO of Picon, said: “The appointment of James Boughton as President marks the return to normalcy after the pandemic. Picon has provided a valuable networking and communication service to its customers throughout this difficult time and we now look forward to meeting in person more often and continuing our work to ensure the printing supplies industry remains strong, relevant and has a voice in the wider community.’


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