Phillips Federal Purchases WarpSPEE3D Printer to Help Expand Additive Manufacturing Capabilities Rock Island Arsenal


Federal Phillips announced that they had signed an agreement with SPEE3D – an Australian company that provides metal-based additive manufacturing (AM) technology – to acquire a new WarpSPEE3D Metal AM printer.

CSAM’s WarpSPEE3D technology will be awarded to their Innovation Center, which is co-located at Rock Island Arsenal’s AM Center of Excellence. It will be used by Phillips Federal and the U.S. Army to further develop the center’s additive manufacturing capabilities and to create large-format metal applications of on-demand parts for the U.S. Army.

Phillips Federal will add the machine to the center this year to also support materials exploration and research activities, as well as the development and manufacturing of future applications and large-format prototypes for the military and armed forces.

Phillips Corporation, Federal Division, a leading service provider and manufacturing partner to the U.S. Federal Government, first added SPEE3D’s metal additive manufacturing technologies in 2020 to support its Public-Private Partnership (P3 ) and additive manufacturing at the US Army’s Rock Island Arsenal (RIA).

John Harrison, Global Director of Phillips Additive, said: “Since 2020, the unique high-speed capabilities of SPEE3D technology have proven to be a great addition to support RIA’s manufacturing innovation goals, as well as the reach of our P3 program and the new WarpSPEE3D printer. at the RIA’s Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing will allow us to expand our reach and achieve industry-leading achievements in the development of large-format applications for expeditionary forces in the United States.

The WarpSPEE3D printer has been in frequent use by the Defense Force for over two years for on-demand deployable metal fabrication capability, and between 2020 and 2021 the Australian Army conducted several field trials with its tactical printer WarpSPEE3D.

In 2020, testing resulted in over 50 case studies of printable parts, demonstrating the printers’ robust capabilities for use in the Australian bush and in 2021 – when the program was expanded to verify early results, as well as setting up new field trails and Australian Army AM cell technicians – successfully proven to print, certify, validate and replace armored vehicles in 3D on the pitch, showing that the FA can play a role in the future of defense preparation.

Bruce Colter, SPEE3D Vice President and General Manager for North America, said, “We anticipate that the delivery of this new WarpSPEE3D printer will provide Phillips Federal and The Rock Island Arsenal with additional capabilities using our patented technology. Cold Spray AM, the fastest metal 3D printing capability. worldwide, and WarpSPEE3D printers have demonstrated in the field that they can manufacture high-quality metal parts on demand that are critical to keeping military equipment and vehicles operational, and the US AM space is growing rapidly , and SPEE3D’s technology is only growing rapidly with it.

Byron Kennedy, CEO of SPEE3D, added, “We believe this expansion is an exciting opportunity for SPEE3D and DoD forces. Our smaller LightSPEE3D system has been used in the RIA program with great success and with a WarpSPEE3D, Phillips Federal and The Rock Arsenal will be able to explore a wide range of high quality, low cost large metal parts fabricated quickly. ”

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