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MAlcolm Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Now I don’t know if being an “internet” expert is worth the paper it’s printed on – which it isn’t, because nobody has printers anymore, so please stop sending me PDFs to print and sign, it’s not 2009, DAD.

…But I’ve bathed in the murky depths of the internet long enough to know what I find funny. So here, without further ado, are the 10 things that helped keep me from sinking into Covid purgatory, and which, technology permitting, I’d like to see broadcast into what’s left of my brain. long after my death.

1. Wii Buy Channel Music – Nirvanna the Band the Show

After spending an ungodly amount of time quietly listening to the music on the Wii Buy Channel, I found this number almost debilitating. It comes from a fantastic Canadian mockumentary series called Nirvanna the Band the Show, and I found myself singing this out loud during moments of deep trauma. Is it weird? I was humming it during a root canal treatment recently, and when the dentist asked me what I was singing to keep calm, I had to explain to him “well, there’s this music that plays when you’re on the Wii Buy Channel, and this comedy duo did a song, and…” at that point, I realized I was inflicting more pain on her than she was on me.

2. Marc Rebillet

Nicknamed “Loop Daddy”, Marc Rebillet is a man whose genius scares me a little. He built what one could easily call a cult following, and now he plays stadiums and collaborates with Tenacious D and Snoop Dogg. Essentially, it samples and loops more and more, until the magic happens. This clip is one of my favorites – it plays in what appears to be a craft brewery, as evidenced by A) all the craft beers and B) the clean-cut white dude wearing boat shoes in the center of the shot.

3. Towel – Casey Frey

There’s a real specific vibe that Vine had at the peak of her powers. And although Vine is now dead and TikTok will never capture Vine’s almost fricative, manic style of editing, this Casey Frey video is the kind of deeply stupid deception that got me rolling out of bed in the morning. It’s really silly, of course. But so is the world right now. Why don’t you bend over?

4. Skate 3 pips

Skate 3 was a bug-riddled open-world skate game, and watching some of its more glaring issues put together like some kind of silly audio-visual quilt is – to me – almost hypnotic. Skateboarders rarely teleport through solid objects or wave like a malfunctioning Billy Bass as they cross the sky, but in Skate 3 it can and does happen! I also find the sound effects here almost as enjoyable as sneezing. If I ever win a prize for anything, I plan to walk into the room just like the skaters in this video.

5. This meme

God, that makes me happy. It’s so dumb and so niche, but honestly, it’s like a breath of fresh air for an idiot like me.

6. Chris Fleming’s WUG

This may be the most amazingly relatable musical I’ve ever seen. It instantly cleared years of psychic mud from the windshield of my brain. The realization that maybe it wasn’t my fault that certain social interactions with specific people are totally unbearable was liberating. Chris Fleming is a genius.

7. This guy’s drum score for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Like 99% of other creatives, I’m convinced that if I put the time in, I could absolutely be successful at drumming. Will this ever happen? Of course not. I have the manual dexterity of a very, very drunk baby. But I appreciate the excellent drumming, and watching David Dockery perfectly score Pepe Silvia’s infamous scene from It’s Always Sunny on his drums is almost therapeutic. In fact, you know what? It IS therapy! Goodbye, Doctor Scheinberg! I’ll see you never!

8. Monsoon Jinkx

Jinkx Monsoon’s latest Drag Race challenge was a revelation. I think she might be the funniest and smartest drag queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race, period. I adore her since she entered our hearts like a timid little narcoleptic; now she is pure Hollywood greatness. I would really like to meet Jinkx one day. In the words of Josh Lyman in The West Wing when discussing Glenn Close’s character, Evelyn Baker Lang: “I love her, I love her spirit, I love her shoes.

9. Ben Affleck’s audio commentary for Armageddon

We’re all happy for Ben Affleck right now — at least I know I am, heartless bastards. But if you want a reminder of why he’s worth loving (and heck, he is), check out this widely circulated excerpt from his audio commentary for Armageddon. Armageddon is to movies what clown meat is to wagyu steak, so hearing Affleck come in loud, even doing a Michael Bay impression, is an absolute treat.

10. Demi Adejuyigbe’s September 21 videos

Every year on September 21st, the awesome Demi Adejuyigbe would play a game of one-upmanship with himself, releasing increasingly elaborate videos that celebrated the totally unnerving month of September by Earth, Wind and Fire. What started as a simple joke quickly turned into an unsustainable and perpetual comedic game of tightrope for Adejuyigbe, who is now officially done with it all. But god damn, for a while there, those videos woke me up in the morning. Here’s my favorite – you should check out the whole series, preferably in order.


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