Paper Shortage Could Affect Midterm Elections: Mainstream Media Releases Report


While paper shortages have plagued commercial printers for months, the issue is now bubbling at the top of some mainstream media channels. On Tuesday, June 14, CNBC’s Ylan Mui joined Shep Smith in reporting a paper shortage there that could significantly impact November’s midterm elections.

The state of the matter

Runbeck Election Services, based in Phoenix, prints election materials in 23 states, plus Washington, DC. It can use up to 60 rolls of paper, weighing a ton each per day – but getting the paper has been a challenge. With costs rising 40%, delivery delays and supply chain issues, Congress is warning that paper shortages will jeopardize America’s right to vote in the upcoming November election.

Some states, like Texas, have already had to limit the number of voter registration forms they hand out due to lack of paper. In Louisiana, authorities have been searching for paper for months, calling every paper mill in North America to search for needed supplies.

Due to shortages, Louisiana Secretary of State Robert Kyle Ardoin is calling on the Biden administration to invoke the Defense Production Act to ensure US paper mills can meet demand. Printing is due to start in September for the November elections.

Advocacy and sensitization crucial

In March 2022, PRINTING United Alliance met with key government stakeholders and printing and paper industry leaders in Washington to raise awareness of – and work to mitigate – paper shortages and supply chain challenges. supply, especially given the upcoming elections and the availability of printed ballots.

As reported by Mark Michelson, the objective of the roundtable was to highlight the challenges facing the printing industry, more directly from the point of view of ensuring the availability of the paper necessary for ballots, but also to expose the widespread effects on business operations across the industry supply chain and explore potential actions to reduce these constraints.

Ford Bowers, CEO of PRINTING United Alliance, also stopped by the Impressions Xchange studio to discuss the state of an industry-wide printing paper shortage and other supply chain disruptions. sourcing and sharing how the Alliance advocates on behalf of the entire print industry.


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