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Local beacon agencies are having difficulty issuing titles to customers due to supply chain shortages.

The Oklahoma Used Cars and Parts Commission announced that the Oklahoma Tax Commission has implemented a priority printing schedule to anticipate title shortages. The reason is to avoid possible shortages of titles this year, and most titles are printed eight to 12 weeks after the request is processed.

It takes about five days to get a title, under normal circumstances, but dealers can apply for state-accelerated titles and get them within three to five days.

“If you want your title just because you’re used to having your title, they ask you to wait eight to 12 weeks,” said Fort Gibson Tag Agency office manager Peggy Sparks.

The delay is due to a supply chain issue with the paper the titles are printed on.

A brand-new vehicle may be labeled untitled, but Sparks said used vehicles are not the same. A new vehicle has a manufacturer’s statement of origin and buyers can obtain a tag with only the documents given to them at the time of sale. Title would be suspended until the buyer surrenders the MSO.

“If it’s a used vehicle, we can’t do it without the title. They have to wait for the title and the dealer will go to the website, ask for the title to be printed faster so they can get it to the customer,” Sparks said.

Cherokee County Tag Agent Brenda Brooks said dealers are expected to make copies of titles when they are signed. She said she saw that the OTC allowed the use of notarized dealer copies for those who needed to obtain labels without their titles.

However, Brooks said she called and was told that was not the case.

“A lot of people are going to need those titles and not have them,” she said.

According to the OUCPC, the priority print job stream is for green titles because all other titles print as expected.

“The green titles are a regular Oklahoma title. Anything not green would be a salvage title, a rebuilt title, or a boat title,” Sparks said.

The state said paper supplies are expected to return to normal later this summer, and an estimate of when normal printing schedules will resume is expected to be announced.

“Just be patient and understand that it’s not us as beacon agents, it’s coming from the Tax Commission,” Sparks said.

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