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WORTHINGTON — Members of Nobles Cooperative Electric, by supplementing their electricity bills, continue to have an incredible effect on local communities. Even tiny donations – an average of just 50 cents per month – have a huge impact, with more than $442,000 in Operation Round-Up funds raised and distributed since the program began.

Members who participate in Operation Round Up allow the cooperative to round their monthly electricity bill up to the next dollar. This small change is packaged into large amounts that a volunteer Board of Directors oversees. Every penny goes to those in need.

Here are the recipients of the last round of donations:

Slayton Fire Department: $3,100; to equip self-contained breathing apparatus masks with voice amplifiers. They have 20 masks to equip.

Ellsworth Public School: $2,400; to purchase equipment used for balance and movement, soothing pressure, or restless behavior for the school’s sensory room, to be created in the weight room area.

Murray County Early Childhood Initiative: $2,300: to help fund the Early Childhood Family Education on wheels program. This program is run by Murray County Central Early Years staff and travels to Murray County child care centers to meet with daycare providers and children. The staff read books and do activities with the children and also leave craft materials and books to keep for the children.

Leota first responders: $2,000; equip four new members with personal protection and first aid kits.

Wilmont Fire and Rescue: $1,824; to purchase three fire/rescue pagers ($608 each). The department does not have enough pagers for every member to have their own.

Currie Fire Department: $1,500: to help furnish bathroom and kitchen equipment and shelving for the new fire station.

Murray County Central Freshman Classrooms: $1,340; to purchase three sets of decodable phonetic readers (one for each first year). Decodable readers are essential in helping students read successfully using skills that have already been taught and that build on each other. This is a new development in the teaching of reading.

Centraide: $1,220: to pay for the printing and mailing of books from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library sent directly to children at home. This will help children in our overlapping service areas for a month.

Pres Ecumen: $1,020; to help finance ArtMobile, mobile art classes given by professionals, every two months to residents. The money will cover 30-50% of the cost of six sessions.

Brewster Seniors Meal: $1,000; pay for meal transportation from Lakefield to Brewster for hot meals for Brewster diners and housebound people.

SWWC: $950; to support regional student enrichment opportunities. The pandemic has impacted the availability and access to enrichment opportunities during the 2020-2021 school year.

International Festival: $750; to participate in the children’s activities part of the festival. The activities take place on Friday evening and all day on Saturday.

Slayton Area Chamber of Commerce: $740; to create an illuminated Christmas decoration in Gullord Park in Slayton. The area will be used for Christmas activities, as well as an opportunity to draw people to the community of Slayton.

Nobles County Historical Society: $580; purchase six folding tables and a folding table cart to transport them.

Chandler quilters: $300; Volunteers make quilts that can be used for the homeless, halfway houses, two locations in Marshall, as well as locations in Sioux Falls and Flandreau, South Dakota. The goal is to make 125 quilts and the money will be used to buy sheets that will be used as backs for the quilts.

First Lutheran Church: $300; to help purchase supplies and fillers to make and donate quilts. Areas they have helped include retirement homes and veterans homes in Westbrook, Fulda, Luverne, Heron Lake, Worthington, Windom, Sheldon and Lake Park.

Garvin’s Lake Sarah Quilters: $300; providing prayer quilts (scriptures) to anyone who could use them for comfort, whether physical or mental.

Sillerud Quilters and Friends: $300; bring warmth, comfort and a sense of God’s love to people in need. To help purchase baton and other supplies not donated. Quilts are given to the sick, the convalescent, the afflicted, etc.

Operation Round Up also awards $650 scholarships to students to help them achieve their academic goals. Once these students have successfully completed a semester or trimester of graduate school, the scholarship is paid out.

Fellows include Riley Boese, Tracy; Miranda Hoekman, Slayton; Nash Peltola, Currie; Tristin Hieronimus, Rushmore; Emmalee Bosma, Rushmore; Adrian Schwaller, reading; Claire Reith, Fulda; and Joseph Thompson, Attorney.

The deadline for the next round of funding is September 1. The Board of Directors will meet again in October to review applications. Interested organizations can call Nobles Cooperative Electric at 1-800-776-0517, email [email protected] or visit for an inquiry.

Nobles Cooperative Electric serves approximately 6,900 members in Murray and Nobles counties.


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