NIT Srinagar Hosts Workshop on 3D Printing, Nano-tribology and Materials Characterization


The Institute has done everything to build the capacity of the country’s technological workforce: Director

Srinagar: A week-long high-end workshop on 3D printing, nano-tribology and materials characterization ended Monday at
National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar organized a
The event was organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Srinagar and was sponsored by Science and Engineering Research Board, Govt. of India under the Accelerate Vigyan program.
The inaugural session was opened by NIT Director, Prof. (Dr) Rakesh Sehgal, Prof. Sachin Maheshwari, NSUT New Delhi, Prof. MF Wani, Dean R&C and Registrar of the Institute, Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari.
On Monday, the farewell session was chaired by Prof. Rakesh Sehgal, Director NIT Srinagar and Honorary Leader of the event and Prof. Sachin Maheshwari, NSUT New Delhi, who was the chief guest of the farewell session .
Prof MF Wani, Dean R&C was the guest of honor at the event. The event also saw the presence of eminent personalities from NIT Srinagar including the Registrar, Prof. Kaiser Bukhari, Head of Department, Prof. Nazir Ahmad Sheikh, Senior Professor and former R&C Dean, Prof. Harmain, Coordinator of the event, Dr. Sandeep Rathee among the others.
In his keynote speech, Prof. Maheshwari said that high-end workshops and FDPs are needed of the hour. “If a few of the participants are motivated through this workshop, it will be a great achievement,” he said.
He thanked Professor Rakesh Sehgal, Director of NIT Srinagar and Dr. Sandeep Rathee, Coordinator of the event, for inviting him to participate in this noble endeavor of nation building and technological advancement.
Professor Maheshwari also highlighted the effectiveness of the chosen area of ​​the workshop. He also remarked that service to the nation can be rendered by empowering the youth of the country and hence the institute’s contribution to the nation is remarkable.
In his message, Prof. Rakesh Sehgal said the institute had done all it could to build the capacity of the country’s tech workforce.
He promised to strengthen the institute’s contribution on all fronts to these noble initiatives.
Professor Sehgal highlighted the need to build capacity in emerging areas such as tribo-materials, additive manufacturing and material characterization.
He also stressed the importance of sharing the expert knowledge of researchers and scholars in these fields with future researchers and faculty members to give them the right information so that they can make a conscious choice to go forward. before.
Professor Sehgal said that NIT is committed to serving as a platform for sharing knowledge and skills with everyone through such outreach activities in the form of FDPs, workshops, skills development programs skills, etc
“The high-end facilities developed by the institute through so many years’ hard work can serve their purpose better if they are used for national technological capacity building,” he said.
Prof. Sehgal thanked Prof. Maheshwari for honoring the farewell function and also for delivering the expert speech in the field of advancements in welding techniques.
He observed that the day is not far off when our nation will lead the world in technology and his vision is to see NIT Srinagar as the main torch bearer of this endeavor.
Professor Sehgal said the workshop was a successful program and the details of every aspect were worked out in a very intricate way. He congratulated the organizing committee, especially the event coordinator, Dr. Sandeep Rathee.
Prof. MF Wani said the workshop covered aspects related to advanced technologies such as 3D printing, nano-tribology, etc., while hands-on training on high-end equipment was also provided.
The Registrar of the Institute, Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari also appreciated the program and said that the institute is committed to taking all possible steps to empower society. He said the institute plans to continue running these programs in the future as well with full vigor.
Professor GA Harmain encouraged students to participate in such events to bring out their leadership skills and experience technical growth.
Professor Nazir Ahmad Sheikh, HOD observed that instilling the right technical knowledge is the need of the hour.
“As a society, we cannot underestimate the importance of advanced domain knowledge and the use of high-end sophisticated equipment,” he said.
Dr. Sandeep Rathee, Workshop Coordinator, presented a brief report of the week-long workshop and said, “During these days, a beautiful journey of knowledge sharing by various nationally and internationally renowned experts was observed. Additionally, there were lab sessions every day for hands-on, hands-on training for the participants. »
He said participants from more than 10 different states and 18 institutes/universities across the country were selected and they gave encouraging feedback.
Dr. Sandeep concluded the program with a vote of thanks. He expressed his gratitude to the dynamic guidance of NIT Director, Prof. Rakesh Sehgal, keynote guests, experts, SERB, all participants and student volunteers for making the workshop a success.


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