Nike unveils 2022 men’s national team collections


Nike has just unveiled its 2022 football team collections, with each kit celebrating the youthful diversity and rich cultures of Nike federations with cutting-edge sports science and digital design for each nation.

Every kit and training kits are backed by Dri-FIT ADV, Nike’s latest and greatest wearable materials platform. The match kits and training apparel have been created using innovative computer design based on a 4D model – which reacts to the way players sweat while on the move – to create a lightweight kit and advanced designed pixel by pixel.

The new seamless kits provide precise reinforcement and ventilation for distraction-free play, with a distinct aesthetic that features flowing cut lines that match the entire jersey and shorts, even when the athlete is on the move.

Each kit collection includes sleek lifestyle collections available for Men, Women and Kids. 75% of the entire Nike Football apparel collection is made from 100% recycled polyester, the highest figures ever for sustainable design in Nike Football.

“Our new team collections represent the latest example of how we’re serving athletes with cutting-edge product innovation, from the pitch to the street,” said Scott Dixon, vice president, global men’s soccer. “With 5 billion fans across the world, no other sport brings people together like football. That’s why we’re committed to bringing our best to the world’s biggest stage, and everywhere in between. and create the happiest, brightest Nike football community ever.

Home and away shirts for the majority of federations will launch on September 15 via Nike with a general release of the full collections and the England collection on September 21. Take a closer look at each of the kits below.


The new French collection celebrates France Nouveau, or New France, a fusion of the country’s heritage and future. The oak leaf and olive branch design of the home kit represents strength, togetherness and peace. Classic French design elements include a tricolor patch on the shorts, jacquard sock and cuff, and gold detailing. The away kit graphic, inspired by the French Toile de Jouy, is made up of iconic images of France and the Blues such as the Rooster, plants, Arc de Triomphe and Clairefontaine.


The Dutch 2022 home kit is decidedly orange as a nod to Dutch tradition while using new design language to underline the inclusive and international mentality of the innovators of Dutch sport and culture. A dancing swirl of Orange Peel and Laser Orange evokes the mane of a lion, a historical symbol of the Netherlands, and represents the fluidity of the Total Football tactical system. On the away kit, rich colors and textures continue to tell the story of culture and football constantly influencing each other in the Netherlands.


Portugal’s 2022 kits signal a new era on the horizon for Portuguese football. On the home kit, Pepper Red and Gorge Green, with a Gold Dart tip, nod to the Portuguese flag while a diagonal line mimics the flag wrapped around the body. National pride is illustrated by the coat of arms of the Federação Portuguesa de Futebol (FPF) and the esfera armilar, used as a crest on the back collar. The away kit uses Sail White, an off-white tone, to ensure the Portuguese club stand out in a sea of ​​bright white kits.


The 2022 USA collection serves as a symbol of national pride and is inspired by the diverse and storied sporting heritage of the United States. Iconic elements of the USA uniform design include bold stripes, an enlarged center crest similar to basketball jerseys, double Swooshes on the sleeves reminiscent of those used on American football jerseys, the unique construction of cut and sewn shoulders and sleeves and the design of a hockey jersey. , and timeless capital letters. Subtle details, like “States United” on the inside back of the shirt, add depth to the story of unity and togetherness, while the ice-dye technique used on the away shirt creates a vibrant pattern to celebrate diversity and youth.


The 2022 kit evokes Australia’s unique ecosystems. With University Gold, Tour Yellow and Green Noise, the home kit evokes the rugged, sandy landscape of the Outback and rich wetlands and forests. The away kit is a tribute to Australia’s coastlines and teeming ocean. Obsidian and Green Glow represent marine life and reefs and signal the deep connection between Australians and coastal life.


The Canada 2022 kit will be the same one the team has been wearing for the past year, as Canada Soccer is following a different kit development cycle. The kits are highlighted by Canada’s traditional red and white color scheme and are accented by the Canadian soccer crest, featuring the maple leaf, the country’s most iconic symbol.


The Croatian 2022 home kit features a modern take on the globally recognized checkered pattern that symbolizes Croatian pride. The clean lines of the home kit underline the core Croatian values ​​of family, passion and tradition, while the blurry, wavy lines of the away kit nod to the ebbs and flows of the Croatian Adriatic coast.


The design of the 2022 football kits allows each nation’s unique heritage to be showcased through stunning design detail. For Poland’s home kit, intricate graphics on the sleeves depict the nest and feathers of a white eagle, the hallmark of the country’s coat of arms, paying homage to the age-old symbol of Polish sovereignty and unity. Sport Red and white, the national colors of Poland, celebrate peace and honour.


The Qatari home kit combines Desert Maroon with a white jagged border to reflect the Qatari flag. The crest on the upper chest highlights Qatar’s host nation status. The away kit evokes the coastline of Qatar while a subtle graphic bead overlay nods to the history of scuba diving in the coastal atolls. In motion, the kit is meant to look like a swirling sandstorm in the arid sun.

Saudi Arabia

The green and white colors of the Saudi 2022 kit are inspired by the Saudi flag. The Saudi Football Federation (SAFF) shield features a falcon, or saqr in Arabic, which doubles as a multilingual reference to the word football. The away kit uses an all-print interpretation that builds on concepts from the 2018 and 2020 away kits to evoke a feeling of speed and boldness.


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