Need a new retainer? Say goodbye to slimy prints



From Dr. Wes Orthodontics

I need a new retainer but I HATE having my teeth imprinted/messy. Is there another option?

Absolutely! There is another much more comfortable option. We are now able to take a scan of your teeth to make retainers and other appliances, including Invisalign. The technology is incredibly precise and most patients find it very comfortable and preferable to molds. We use a high-tech optical scanner that takes quick photos in succession. These images are simultaneously stitched together by software to create a digital impression of your teeth. Once we have the digital file of your scan, we can either print your model on our 3D printer or submit it to a lab for the fabrication of various devices. The digital impression has completely replaced the traditional molds in our office and has the advantage of allowing you to see your teeth on the screen in real time. It’s simple and mess-free. Patients love it.


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