Miraclon launches PureFlexo Printing | Labels and labeling


Miraclon has launched PureFlexo Printing, allowing users of the Kodak Flexcell NX system to produce high-quality flexo printing within a wider operating window on the press by controlling the spread of unwanted ink.

According to the company, PureFlexo Printing, designed specifically for wideband solvent ink applications on film applications, maximizes press efficiency, repeatability and overall performance while enabling printers and prepress suppliers benefit from sharper printing and stable colors.

“For brands that rely more than ever on the power of packaging to connect with customers, brand consistency and eye-catching flexible packaging are increasingly important,” commented Emma Schlotthauer, Director of Marketing at Miraclon. “Printers need solutions that help them meet the ever-increasing demands of graphic reproduction without the need to operate at below-optimum production speeds or risk press downtime due to continuous adjustments and unscheduled shutdowns.

“Wide printing latitude is the key to profitable production. PureFlexo printing solves a key technical problem – unwanted ink scattering – which helps expand printing latitude and restore the balance between quality and efficiency. ‘

Printers need high latitude (also known as an operating window) and a robust process to effectively manage production because narrow latitude means small changes can push a printout beyond quality or tolerances. acceptable. By resisting unwanted ink spread, PureFlexo Printing gives printers the power to keep the press running with low risk of unacceptable printing.

Dr. John Anderson, Director of Advanced Printing Applications at Miraclon, said: “Easy flowing ink is a natural feature of printing with solvent-on-film flexo inks. When this ink flows into unwanted places, it can fill up, causing bridging and buildup, creating a “dirty print”. This is not always easy to manage and is often made worse by practices designed to solve other printing problems, such as using harder tapes, higher ink volumes, and overprinting. PureFlexo Printing tackles the problem head-on by using a sophisticated plate surface pattern to resist and control ink spread, and sets a new standard for clean, predictable printing. ‘

PureFlexo printing helps control unwanted ink propagation, increases printing latitude at all quality levels and, according to Miraclon, is found to reduce unplanned press downtime due to “dirty print” , provides more predictable color, reduces press-to-proof match issues, and reduces operator impact and other production changes

“With lower dot gain and dramatically reduced ink build-up during a run, PureFlexo Printing not only provides a more predictable match to the press color profile, but also reduces the need to stop the press for printing. clean the plates, ”Dr. Anderson added. “This translates into much higher production efficiency while producing a high quality output. The entire prepress and printing process becomes more efficient. ‘

PureFlexo printing is available immediately to users of the Flexcel NX system through the Kodak Flexcel NX printing suite for flexible packaging.


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