McGowans Digital Print installs first Highcon digital finishing system in Ireland


Thomas Neville with Sue Norton at McGowan.

  • Highcon and Landa technologies to enable expansion into new markets and new business growth of up to 30% in three months
  • Highcon Beam 2 is essential to support new business from on-demand e-commerce packaging

Yavne/Dublin: Highcon Systems Ltd, today announced that McGowans Digital Print, Ireland’s leading print company, has taken the next step in its digital journey with the installation of Highcon’s first digital cutting and creasing solution Country Beam 2. In combination with its new Landa press, the company plans to use its new Highcon technology to expand into profitable new packaging jobs, achieving a 30% increase in revenue within three months.

The Highcon Beam 2 was installed as part of an end-to-end digital printing and packaging workflow for folding carton and micro-fluted corrugated packaging jobs. Implemented at McGowans’ facilities in Dublin, Highcon’s technology is enabling the company to meet increasingly tight deadlines for short-term jobs, with less installation time and less waste. Highcon’s new investment will also support new business for McGowans’ brand new on-demand e-commerce packaging platform,, which will officially launch in May.

“What the Highcon brings to the table is true digital finishing. It’s not just about cutting, but also creasing and stripping. It does more than a traditional analog solution. Introducing a digital finishing process here has greatly streamlined our workflow for increased efficiency,” said Mal McGowan.

“And most importantly, having Landa S10, Nozomi and HP Indigo working together with the Highcon Beam 2 also means we can offer customers a ‘virtual home’ for all of their packaging or display needs. Literally, customers can now make changes to their packaging design on the fly, produce a smaller batch, or simply run a limited seasonal promotion – but without the cost or waste of unwanted inventory, which must also be stored in expensive real estate. Floor graphics and cool display applications are also reaping the benefits of digital cutting and creasing, including improved production times for point-of-sale displays,” added Mal McGowan.

McGowans specializes in commercial printing, point of sale and packaging work. It offers its customers everything from initial design work, to designing boxes and supplying complete finished printed products. Historically, the company has been an early adopter of new digital technologies, proudly bringing often revolutionary new capabilities to the Irish market. This was recently exemplified by the company’s installation of the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® press, which complements Highcon’s technology in McGowans’ new digital workflow.

The McGowans Highcon Beam 2 has now been fully operational for six months, supporting jobs ranging from standard boxes to eye-catching, sophisticated packaging and displays.

“The Beam 2’s speed, flexibility and on-demand capabilities are what sell this machine. The amount of work you can do with the Highcon is beyond good,” said Mal McGowan, Founder and CEO of McGowans.” Of course, big brands can rely on us for their short-term packaging needs, but with the introduction of our new website, we can now also support low-volume businesses. – maybe a small business working online from home. We are excited to see what new doors the Highcon Beam 2 can open for us.

The Highcon Beam 2 also contributes to the company’s sustainability goals. It does this by eliminating the wooden, metal and rubber components needed to produce traditional dies, as well as the associated logistics and warehousing costs needed to store them. In addition, it also contributes to a reduction in traditional print volumes and associated waste, fueling new short- and medium-run digital jobs.

“With the growing demand for more complex and shorter jobs, the Highcon Beam 2 is the perfect solution for McGowan’s – enhancing its digital manufacturing capabilities, increasing capacity, improving lead times and opening up the e-commerce market. is a booming segment right now.

“We are proud to see our first digital cutting and creasing system in Ireland up and running at McGowans – they are a perfect fit for the technology, we are also working with Litho Supplies in Ireland who are now an official Highcon equipment dealer in one next step in our digital finishing journey,” said Juergen Freier, Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Highcon Europe.


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