Mangaluru’s Prasad Digitals invests in Ricoh


Mangaluru-based Prasad Digitals recently invested in a Ricoh c7200x five-colour production printer and a c8310s mono printing machine. The machine was sold by Minosha India.

Praveen Patrick, Business Leader at Prasad Digitals, said: “Technologically, Ricoh has always been on par or ahead of its competitors. Operationally, Ricoh machines have the most user-friendly interface. These machines are sturdy. In addition, the power consumption is also lower than other brands. »

He added, “The Minosha India team provided the necessary training and support on the latest technologies. They understand the demands of the market and accordingly offer solutions for the same.

The c7200x is a five color printing machine and comes with black unit swap technology with white. This allows printing white as an underlay with CMYK in a single pass.

The c8310s can handle media as thin as 47 gsm. It works best when printing pre-printed sheets (offset printing sheets) for variable data printing.

Spread over 2,500 square feet, Prasad Digitals has been using Ricoh products since 2012. Besides digital duplicators, the company also has a c751 color printer, a c907ex monochrome printing machine and a five c7100x colors with options to print special colors. .

Prasad Printers has been around for almost 50 years. Its offset printing unit, owned by Praveen Patrao, is based in Kulshekar, Mangaluru, with unique 2/4/6 color printing machines and caters to business and packaging requirements. The digital printing studio, owned by Felcita Patrao, has been serving the digital printing industry for over a decade. There are plans to open a new offset printing plant in the city to provide better services.

The company caters to commercial printing, such as brochures, flyers, specialty wedding cards, corporate marketing materials, and more. “We also print custom mono cards for small parties and gift baskets. Other areas of our expertise include personalized certificates, coupon printing etc. where we also use clear toner,” said Patrick.

The company’s digital printing unit has a team of six professionals who have their expertise in various fields. “We attend various online/offline webinars and keep up to date with new technologies,” he added.

Patrick said that because the company has been using Ricoh products since day one, meeting deadlines and customer satisfaction has never been an issue. “The print quality on the new equipment is impressive. Moreover, thanks to Minosha India for its prompt services and proactive customer support team, we have managed to respond to our customers in the most efficient way,” he added.

He added: “The jobs we do are very difficult, especially the media we use to print. Media handling in Ricoh equipment is excellent. We have the privilege of working with three generations of Ricoh products (c751, c7100x, c7200x). Ricoh machines were the base for us, and Minosha India supported us with the required products and services.


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