Making Ends Meet: Small Business Owners in Culpeper Reflect on Local 21 Economy | Business


“It’s been a struggle,” he said of the 2021 economy on Wednesday. “The price goes up, everything costs more. The paper is the biggest problem, the printing paper, they cut us off last time, ”Farnam said of a recent shipment.

His wife, tidying year-end books away from view in a room behind the counter, said heavier paper was more difficult to get hold of.

Paul said, “Do with what I got,” asked how they were doing in the midst of the challenges. “Some days are better than others.”

Demand has slowed this year for holiday shipping services, Farnam said, adding that people aren’t sending so many gifts by courier anymore.

The little businessman said he would “empty my stock” and then look for alternative methods to overcome economic challenges. He was hoping they would break even for the year and hinted at changes for 2022.

“I have projects underway, not fully-fledged yet,” Farnam said. “Next year? We’re going to do better.

Next to Sonia’s Bakery & Pupuseria, petite businesswoman Sonia Lopez worked behind the counter, readily agreeing to talk about the local economy.

“It was very, very difficult. It was slow, “she said of doing business in 2021.” The prices, ooo! “She exclaimed.” Coming up, now everything is more expensive. “


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