Magazines fall behind after YM website collapses


The fallout from the abrupt closure of YM Group’s three offset websites continues, with some weekly titles running late and all eyes on the Daily Mail’s first in-house production of its Weekend supplement this Saturday.

Earlier this week, Menzies Distribution issued a bulletin regarding delays and incomplete deliveries of certain Bauer Media magazines, including flagship TV title, Choice of TV.

Choice of TV is the nation’s largest paid weekly, selling more than a million copies a week.

Bauer is said to have transferred most of the production to its own printing plant in Poland and is therefore experiencing logistical problems.

Menzies said supplies for England and Scotland would be limited to 80% of normal levels. At its Wakefield hub, “another unexpected delay on the Channel Tunnel side in Calais (France) means that copies will be 24 hours late in all of Wakefield”, except for the Carlisle, Kendal and York spokes.

Bauer was unable to produce the Choice of TV The Ulster Edition “and will instead supply copies of the England Edition” at 80% of normal levels, the Menzies Bulletin said.

HTV and Swansea would receive full supplies but in split delivery with 60% delivered on Tuesday and 40% on Thursday.

Avid readers also embraced Choice of TV Facebook page to complain about not being able to purchase the new issue at their local stores.

Total TV Guide was also supplied on a split delivery, while Better and interior soap were 24 hours late in Belfast.

Bauer still hasn’t commented on the situation or how he intends to resolve it.

Menzies said, “The publisher is working to bring supplies back to normal levels as soon as possible.”

A source close to the situation said, “This problem is not going away anytime soon, is it? Just look at the time it takes to bring a weekly from Poland, not to mention the pictures coming out of Dover right now.

In the meantime, tomorrow’s issue of Daily mail Saturday will be the first time the publisher has produced the tabloid Weekend magazine in-house on its own flexo newspaper presses as a live commercial product.

Sources said that because plans had to be brought forward due to the sudden closure of YM’s Chantry, Pindar and York Mailing factories last week, not all the required equipment was currently in place, and there are a question mark as to whether inserts can be transported. in the title – and potentially not for next month.

A supplier said Print week“They can’t insert yet, so they’re trying to speed up this equipment.

“If they can’t insert for a month, that must surely be the biggest financial impact for DMG. This creates a huge problem for the insert market.

the Daily mail Saturday sells approximately 1.43 million copies per week. Manufacture of the Mail on Sunday smaller You the magazine is said to have moved to Walstead Bicester.

DMG had not commented at the time of writing.

A source noted: “Coming to think of it, it would have been better if YM senior management had approached Bauer, DMG and the Guardian to explain their predicament and ask for help. It probably would have cost publishers less as well.

Print week was also advised that due to a lack of clarity on the work that had been finalized at the stricken YM factories before FRP Advisory administrators took over on March 31, a full print run of a weekly supplement for one of YM’s customers ended up being printed elsewhere, with the duplicate print being then ignored.

Separately, a number of web offset presses currently located at the three YM sites are advertised for sale with immediate availability on Cheshire equipment dealer JanusTech’s website.

Walstead Group management has also been seen at the sites over the past week. Walstead has yet to comment on his plans.


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