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Grants Pass – A Ukrainian from Grants Pass has started his own nonprofit to provide relief to people in Ukraine. Have a huge impact on the community and people around the world.

Yura Gritsuk grew up in Ukraine, at the age of 12 he moved to the United States calling Grants Pass home in 1992. With a strong attachment to his native land, he knew he couldn’t sit still while the war against Ukraine continued.

“I focused on helping get people out of there and getting supplies and vehicles into the country,” says Gritsuk.

Gritsuk has helped 24 people and three dogs so far, as well as buying and sending vans, cars and an ambulance for the relief effort. He shipped suitcases full of supplies, ranging from first aid kits, medicine, food, radios, clothing and everything in between.

“Simple things that you and I take for granted, we can go to the local supermarket and buy, they can’t,” says Gritsuk

He has found that his close ties with Ukraine facilitate the creation of a direct channel to the Ukrainian people with the help of his friends abroad.

“Since I don’t have a big organization, it’s very easy for my friends to call me from Ukraine and tell me directly what they need,” says Gritsuk.

Gritsuk works as a commercial pilot, allowing him to easily fly overseas to deliver the supplies first hand. Wanting to publicize his organization before leaving for his next trip to Germany, he had the idea of ​​printing t-shirts. After getting a “no” from almost everyone in the valley, he finally found Tekprinting Services.

“I said how many shirts?” he said 100. I said no chance. Then Yura told me what his cause was and what he was doing and I immediately wanted to be a part of it,” says Kirk Pederson, owner of Tekprinting.

Working tirelessly through the night and with the help of Zach from Z’s Tee’s in Grants Pass, they were able to complete Gritsuk’s order. Reaching People Across States Gritsuk is overwhelmed with the support he has received.

“The power of one, one person starts and shares the message and everyone is like ‘hey, is there anything I can do?’ Pederson said.

He says there are a lot of people who want to help and don’t know what they can do, for Pederson it was an opportunity to help a fellow Southern Oregonian.

If you would like to help Yura Gritsuk and donate to his organization, click here to visit their website.

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