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Economy 101

People who don’t understand economics should not comment on economic issues. (In my opinion, they shouldn’t vote either, especially on how to spend taxpayers’ money.)

If you think companies at all levels are increasing their profits [Letters, March 20] by raising prices, you are ignoring the economy. In a truly competitive market, companies increase their market share by lowering prices and improving efficiency to reduce their own costs. This is the advantage of competition.

Stimulus spending and printing money are often responsible for inflation. To claim that companies everywhere in a market economy — companies that compete for market share, which precludes any form of long-term price-fixing collusion — are conspiring to raise prices is ignore the harsh economic realities of public spending and competition.

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If increasing prices, always and everywhere, increased profits, nothing would prevent prices from continuing to soar to infinity, rather than fluctuating with supply and demand. Businesses have to sell things, and that means keeping the prices of things so they sell. Setting prices out of reach of their customers does not allow them to gain market share.

Logic says

There has been a lot of talk on the news lately about transgender people wanting to compete against women in college sports. Logic and common sense tell you that’s wrong. Men compete with men, women compete with women, and transgenders compete with other transgenders. Personally, I think the band will die out especially after a few generations.

scouts help

My name is Taylor Boyd and I am 14 years old. I’m a Boy Scout from Waco First United Methodist Church Troop 308. I am incredibly proud to be involved with this organization after reading what Ukrainian, Polish, Czech and Romanian scouts are doing to help Ukraine through these difficult times.

Scouts from countries neighboring Ukraine have sent supplies and aid to help the country as it defends itself against Russia. An example is the Czech scouts who sent 55 vans, two buses and two small trucks full of supplies to Ukraine within four days of the start of the crisis. Their perseverance and dedication to helping others show the importance of being a light in the darkness by helping people in any way possible.

Green and Gold Pride

March 19 — Saturday morning,

Baylor’s men’s basketball made its show.

Yes, their season ended too soon,

Their year marked by ups and downs.

Our men played with class

And represented this college town.

No doubt we had a pretty tough draw

Faced with formidable teams,

And we dealt with our wounds with determination

With our culture of joy and dreams.

So rest assured all fans

Through this distant land,

As we look to the future

With our green and gold pride.


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