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OK, President Biden calls for millions of free home test kits to ease testing crash due to omicron variant; typical liberal response: ask the government to do what we have done for ourselves in the past. What I find offensive about Biden’s announcement is his claim that getting vaccinated is Americans’ patriotic duty. Says the politician who has not served in the military, who opposes very good Republican people and strategies and who is currently promoting bad policy at all levels to the detriment of the country. He refers to President Trump as having received his injections and a booster, but fails to mention his predecessor’s full coronavirus response, including therapeutics and recognition of natural immunity. Biden should do his own patriotic duty and step down. He claimed that with the huge death toll, he did not deserve the position of Commander-in-Chief. I plan to do my patriotic duty at my local polling station in the not-so-distant future.

– Robert Snyder, Laguna Hills

Wishing for truthful and reliable information

Re: What would you like for Christmas? (Letters, December 28):

Here we go again. Cancel Culture comes down the chimney to drop a lump of coal, Fox News, at the bottom of writer Marsha Lindsey. In my opinion, CNN and The New York Times have been much more blatant in their reporting over the past five years. But that’s irrelevant. Wouldn’t a better Christmas wish be if a more truthful and reliable source of information came under the tree? Haven’t we learned the lesson yet that prohibition divides and ultimately resolves nothing? If not, maybe I should ditch the newspaper and print CNN, NY Times, AP, but not Fox News.

– Douglas Ward, Tustin

Don’t attack the press.

Re “Republicans, Please Don’t Remove President Biden” (December 23): I have rarely read a more concise, honest and factual article, and I applaud Mr. Phillips for his insight. The scary part of what Phillips thinks is the ‘succession of chairs’. Behind President Biden you have people like Ms Pelosi and Ms Harris, not exactly a deep bench. May I also add an analogy to those of John Phillips: “When your opponent forms a circular firing squad, do not run in the middle”.

– Mike Jacobs, Anaheim Hills


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