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Today, Blizzard officially launches the Overwatch 2 beta, and while I patiently wait for access to the long-awaited sequel, it’s time to take a look at the LEGO Companion Set. This now-delayed creation has been discontinued by the LEGO Group for now, but we managed to get our hands on the LEGO Overwatch 2 set a little early and we’re diving in to see how the Null Sector Titan stacks up.

Hands-on with LEGO’s never-before-seen Overwatch 2 set

First revealed last December, The LEGO Group announced that it would finally be expanding its lineup of gaming-focused sets ahead of Overwatch 2. Shortly after, the LEGO Null Sector Titan was canceled following the fallout. of Activision Blizzard and its claims about workplace culture. . Since then, it’s unclear if the LEGO and Blizzard partnership will continue, putting the latest collaboration into a single space. Now, with the future of the setup in the air and today’s Overwatch 2 beta, we’re taking a look at the whole thing.

Arriving as the very first and probably the only LEGO Overwatch 2 set, the Null Sector Titan arrives as kit number 76980. It was originally supposed to debut in February with less than 1,000 pieces, but has since been delayed indefinitely. So while you won’t find it in your local LEGO store or on the online storefront, we managed to get one on hand for you to check out and see if these aftermarket prices are worth it.

Based on the Zero Hour Overwatch 2 cinematic short, the LEGO Null Sector Titan was one of the very first things Blizzard showed off from the highly anticipated sequel. This makes the robot spotlight in the first LEGO set quite fitting; everything stacks up to 901 pieces and mostly assembles the gigantic bot.

There’s only one real build here with the LEGO Null Sector Titan, although a pair of exclusive minifigures are also included. The price was initially set at $89.99, making it a pretty fair value on paper.

As for how it stacks up, the first LEGO Overwatch 2 set certainly doesn’t disappoint. Right after putting this thing together, I was amazed at how big of a build you actually get. Just over 900 pieces isn’t that big a deal these days, but we hardly ever see LEGO mechs this size at any price.

Once assembled, the entire model stacks to over 12 inches tall and offers quite the poseable model. There’s a lot of articulation in the Null Sector Titan, with arms and legs having multiple joints to adjust. You can pull off some action poses, but the whole build is a bit heavy and limits some of the display potential. The details then add to that, but don’t accomplish anything overly complex in terms of what LEGO is capable of. I’d say the build is as simple as we’ve seen, but still manages to provide a fairly accurate recreation of the robot.

My favorite aspect of the LEGO Overwatch 2 set, however, has to be the built-in light features. Pressing a button on the back activates a light brick on the chest that allows the Null Sector Titan to recreate one of the scenes from the gameplay trailer. It’s not too often that we get this kind of functionality in a kit, and the app here is pretty fun.

But to come full circle, the size really is the best part of the whole thing. Sure, there are some compromises to achieve the massive build, but the end product really speaks for itself and tops other builds, whether from the Overwatch collection or a wider LEGO range. As for the former, I love how it dwarfs all the other kits in the Blizzard partnership. The build fits so well in scale with other brick-built characters like’s robot, not to mention the tiny Overwatch team minifigure versions.

Exclusive figures steal the show

Speaking of which, the included minifigs are another way the LEGO Null Titan Mech stands out. Being the first Overwatch 2 set, it gave The LEGO Group a chance to finally expand the game’s cast of heroes. In this case, there’s a single, entirely new character debuting in the set as well as a reskinned version of Overwatch’s face.

Among these two new and exclusive figurines, the first is Tracer who redesigns it for the sequel. The print is really solid throughout the minifig and has quite a bit of detail that goes from the torso to the hips and legs. My favorite part of his minifigure redesign is the new Chronic Accelerator printed checks that affix to her back and really bring the figure together.

Then there’s Mei, who makes her first-ever debut in LEGO form in the new Null Sector Titan set. This Overwatch member was unfortunately cut out of the first wave of 2019 kits and is finally getting the minifigure treatment here.

On the design side, there’s the same attention to detail as Tracer and even an exclusive new mold for her hair. I’m sure it won’t be much of a surprise, but the new printed element for its robot companion Snowball is also another highlight here.

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As a big Overwatch fan and even bigger LEGO fan, I love how this set came out. It’s definitely not a flawless build, but it will easily become my favorite LEGO Overwatch set to date. Getting such a massive brick-built robot is already a key to my heart, with the exclusive minifigures making the whole thing even better.

It’s a real shame that The LEGO Group has yet to announce whether or not the set will see the light of day, especially since Microsoft has since acquired Activision Blizzard after LEGO initially revamped the partnership. But with so much time until Overwatch 2 releases given that today is only the first public beta, there’s still a chance we’ll see it on store shelves.

Whether or not we see it make its debut one day, the LEGO Null Sector Titan is definitely worth a look for Overwatch fans. The price can be high on the second hand market, if you can even find one, but it has an interesting place in LEGO history and one of the first licensed sets to be mothballed. And if that doesn’t end up coming out, we’ll just have to mourn the loss of one of the best sets in recent times.

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