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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The proposed SilverLine Fundamentals Handbook to be published by the Information and Public Relations Department (IPRD) will bleed the public purse by at least Rs 3.5 crore, sources say. IPRD has launched a tender for the printing and supply of 50 lakh copies of a 36-page booklet. Titled SilverLine Ariyendathellam, the booklet will be a layman’s guide to the Rs 64,000 crore project.

The release of the pamphlet is part of a publicity and public relations blitzkrieg planned by the Pinarayi Vijayan government to drive home the relevance of a semi-rapid rail line linking the northern and southern ends of the state.

The government has ordered the IPRD and Kerala Rail Development Corporation (K-Rail), the special project vehicle, to carry out large-scale joint awareness programs.

Information and public relations service to target students to sell a railway project

The plan is to continue the positive vibes for the project created by the two Pinarayi-led janasamksham events in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram where he and K-Rail authorities interacted with invited public leaders. Similar programs are also organized in other districts, although the CM is not present in person.

“This (manual) is a multi-color booklet printed on high quality material and therefore the cost will be higher. Since there are so many, printers will offer below market prices,” a source said. Printing units have been requested to indicate the cost of transporting brochures to all districts and the cost may increase when the cost of transport is also added.

The deadline for submitting offers is January 28 and the evaluation is scheduled for the following day. The IPRD will also carry out various sensitization programs at the local level. The department’s field publicity wing will develop programs in consultation with K-Rail officers. In the first phase, sensitization programs including public meetings will be carried out at the district level.

College students will be targeted in the second phase, as it is felt that young people with higher levels of aspiration will be more receptive to the idea. District information officers were asked to design separate creative outreach programs targeting the general public and students. All district information officers and the IPRD office in New Delhi were sanctioned `1 lakh each for “phase one expenses” of outreach programs.


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