LDM UK aims for expansion and pushes the charitable envelope


Leaflet Drop Marketing (LDM UK), based in Manchester, is aiming for ambitious growth while boosting charitable support.

The company, founded by business partners Rob Henry and Sean Thomas in 2014 in a single windowless office, has since grown to occupy a 650m² facility north of Manchester. The pair now employ 30 people across divisions including sales, account management, warehouse and logistics, as well as overseeing its network of print partners and distributors.

Specializing in door-to-door canvassing, the company, which general director Henry describes as an alternative to Royal Mail among others, does not operate any of its own print kits but acts as a print manager and partners with print companies whose work is collated at the head office of LDM in Manchester and sorted for distribution.

“We don’t kid ourselves about who we are, we don’t try to be a Paragon or a Whistl, for example,” Henry said. “But we are now in a strong position and we want to grow considerably over the next few years.”

The company with a turnover of around £3m, he explained, recently employed a business development manager who came from YM Group and is starting a recruitment drive across the organization as it aims to grow turnover to £10m over the next three years.

Henry said: “The market is really, really positive right now and I think the fact that a lot of people are hybrid or working from home means you have people in homes, so those tangible things have more appeal and more impact than perhaps they had before. This means that home marketing is really a great avenue for marketing right now.

In addition to its growth aspirations, the company continues to view charitable work as a core value. Giving back is personal, Henry explained. “I wasn’t born with a lot – I didn’t come from a wealthy background at all. So helping people in need is really important to me.

“When we started the goal was to support locally and as we’ve grown we’ve stayed true to our roots and kept that ethos, but we also want to be able to expand our giving.”

He said LDM tries to get involved in as much charity work as possible, with one of its latest efforts involving the printing and delivery of 100,000 leaflets to 100,000 homes for a children’s charity in Bolton.

The pandemic showed Henry the business could do more, he said, so it delivered food and necessities to those protecting themselves during lockdowns and continued to seek opportunities. to help or donate, offering free leaflet distributions, Christmas gift donations, fundraisers for the homeless and recently donated funds to a Ukrainian appeal for every campaign earmarked for the company in April and May.

LDM co-founder and director Sean Thomas called on other companies in the printing and marketing industries to join forces.

“We are now looking ahead to what we can do to help those affected by the rising cost of living, we are hearing about and seeing poverty rising, families struggling to cope.

“We’re not the biggest company in the world, but we want to help, and we have to help. Things will get tougher as prices continue to rise; those who can help should do so.

“We would love to partner with other companies in the industry who want to work with us to help us in our mission to give back, to make a difference together.”

Henry said sustainability was also a key issue for the already carbon-neutral business. Last year, LDM pledged to plant 250 trees with Carbon Neutral Britain for every million leaflets it distributes. To date, he has planted 6,000 trees, he said.


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