Label Leaders Team with Mark Andy Evolution Series E5


Label Leaders increases capacity with Mark Andy’s new Evolution E5 series

Label Leaders, the George-based South African processor, has built its business on a long-term relationship with Mark Andy. More recently, it installed its sixth flexo press from the American manufacturer, delivered and commissioned by Sarepco, which has been Mark Andy’s representative in southern and central Africa for more than three decades.

Speaking on behalf of Label Leaders, co-owners Theo Raubenheimer and his sister Rene Koen said: “Our philosophy is based on building close relationships with all business partners, customers and suppliers, and Mark Andy is a strategic partner since my parents started the company.” The fact that all of the Mark Andy presses at the George plant were supplied by Sarepco in what Raubenheimer describes as a relationship that guarantees good advice to ensure the success of each project is a highlight.

recipe for success
“Our values ​​have not changed since our beginnings. We focus on high quality products and services. Developing close working relationships allows us to make strategic decisions more quickly and, as a private company, our flexibility is appreciated by our partners,” he said.

The same philosophy forms the basis of cooperation with suppliers. Whether it’s a press, a substrate or an ink, Label Leaders needs the support of its suppliers. This has been particularly important recently with the problems caused by the pandemic and supply shortages.

Despite the difficulties, it was a fruitful period for the company, which made new investments, including the Evolution Series E5. The company has also stocked various substrates to ensure that customers receive their labels on time.

Time for a new press
It was during a visit to Labelexpo 2019 in Brussels that Theo saw the Evolution series for the first time. “It won us over from the start with its short set-up time, high speed and ease of use,” he said. With the likelihood of an impending second shift, which the company wanted to avoid, the decision was made to invest in an E5, and it was installed in August 2021.

The new press is equipped with eight flexo printing units and the new QCDC cutter. “Because it’s a Mark Andy, we can use the plates, cylinders and dies we already had, which allows us to optimize costs and rationalize the machine park,” he explains. The new E5 joins other Mark Andy presses at Label Leaders, including a Performance Series P5, 2200, Scout and 830 that have been there from the start. When asked why he wasn’t in the company museum, Theo joked, “Because it always works and it makes money!”

Wider web – higher capacity
The new E5 brings much-needed additional capacity to Label Leaders and offers faster delivery times. “Labels are special products that will always be needed. To develop new designs with new substrates, we needed a press that was quick to set up and change, and with its wider bandwidth, it’s a very efficient tool.

Label Leaders supplies three main market sectors: retail, dairy and wine, and although each has its own specific requirements, Theo says print quality and reliable delivery are common to all. In the case of the wine industry, it is essential that the labels are delivered the same day of bottling so as not to affect the degree of alcohol.

With the current worldwide shortage of substrates and more than 500 different labels to manufacture, the company must maintain a high level of stock in its warehouse to satisfy its customers, but also find optimal production parameters to preserve its margins. Longer press runs are a solution, even though paper prices have quadrupled since December 2021. “That’s where having a flexible press like the Evolution works well and fits with our business philosophy,” he said. -he declares.

Sarepco – a long-time business partner
Theo Raubenheimer sees Sarepco as a permanent stimulus for his business. In addition to delivery, assembly and staff training, Sarepco takes care of many future actions, including annual preventive maintenance and repair. “We appreciate that Sarepco technicians are always available – it gives us a sense of security and comfort knowing that our Mark Andy equipment is in good hands,” he added.

Paul Bouwer, Director of Sarepco commented: “I remember the early days of Label Leaders and signed the initial contract for a Mark Andy 830 with Ben Raubenheimer, Theo’s father. What is interesting is that this press is still used daily here! Bouwer is also impressed with how Label Leaders has handled the large distances between major towns in South Africa and gives credit to the management team at what has become one of the largest private label printers. from the country. “We are delighted that this development is based on Mark Andy technology. The recent installation of the E5 confirms the quality of the equipment and underlines the confidence in Sarepco as Mark Andy’s local dealer,” said Bouwer.

Speaking on behalf of Mark Andy, Executive Vice President Tom Cavalco concluded: “We are pleased that management at Label Leaders is following the same principles as we at Mark Andy. This close working partnership began in the 1980s and we are proud that the Raubenheimer family continues to invest in Mark Andy technology. I would particularly like to thank Sarepco who has been with us for 35 years and who has played a fundamental role in the success of Label Leaders.


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