Knowledge Impact Network Launches Coordinated Relief Effort to Help Ukrainians – ModiHealth Leads the Charge in Medical and Mental Care in Crisis


Determined leaders from Knowledge Impact Network, ModiHealth, LifeForce, DignityMoves, Grace Children’s Foundation and V4 CAPITAL have come together to help the people of Ukraine on urgent matters, and everyone can help

LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A movement of innovative social entrepreneurs has been brought together by Knowledge Impact Network (CLOSE) to help Ukrainians in the crucial areas of housing, food and medical supplies, pediatric medical care and technology. KIN is a community of purpose-driven leaders and innovative social entrepreneurs whose mission is to alleviate some of the world’s most pressing problems by sharing skills, ideas and connections to accelerate progress in these areas. To accelerate the Ukrainian relief effort, KIN amplifies and facilitates collaborations through lifesaving initiatives. The public can help by supporting the following programs through raising awareness, funding or sharing additional resources.

ModiHealth, LifeForce, DignityMoves, Grace Children’s Foundations and V4 CAPITAL are helping in the following critical areas:

  1. Virtual emergency care.
    ModiHealth provides free emergency care to Ukrainians and Ukrainian refugees through a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. It includes free emergency medical and mental health care, emotional trauma first aid and mental health support. The following categories of crisis care and training are available: medical care and first aid, emotional trauma first aid, and mental health support.
    HOW YOU CAN HELP: Spread the word by sharing the link below with anyone who can reach Ukrainians in need, share on social media and tag #helpukraine or share with anyone interested in volunteering!
  2. Develop a secure platform in Ukraine to apply precision technology to early humanitarian response.
    The AI ​​for Good Foundation spearheaded the LifeForce Ukraine Project, a peer-to-peer humanitarian aid matching platform being developed to counterbalance Russian efforts to harness open humanitarian data on the web. The platform: CONNECTS real-time aid needs with available support and resources, ALERT civilians to supplies, shelter, transport and dangerous situations in their vicinity, SECURES civilian online infrastructure and critically, and PROTECTS humanitarian data and whereabouts assets and resources. It ensures a coordinated and resilient response of government and NGO resources, providing immediate support, guidance and real-time content.
    HOW YOU CAN HELP: LifeForce is currently testing and looking for additional partners. Contact [email protected] for more information.
  3. Temporary accommodation.
    CLOSE-Dignity Moves explores the possibility of taking advantage of the high quality, insulated and portable prefabricated interim housing currently used by homeless people in California for Ukrainian refugees. These could also be ideal structures during the reconstruction and recovery period for bombed houses in Ukraine.
    HOW YOU CAN HELP: A feasibility study is underway—contact [email protected] get involved in the evaluation of the local landscape for the supply of these dwellings.
  4. Coordinate assistance for children in need of medical/surgical care and rehabilitation. Grace Foundation for Children (GCF) offers its global online Children’s Resource Exchange, a HIPAA-compliant platform and database to expedite and match cases of children with complex medical needs to doctors and hospitals around the world willing to provide care free and subsidized. In partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on its priority list of children with traumatic war injuries, GCF also helps identify and coordinate non-medical resources to supplement the needs of evacuated pediatric patients, including transportation and housing.
    HOW YOU CAN HELP: Raise awareness of available GCF services for Ukrainian children with your networks. If you are a physician, specialist, service provider willing to donate transportation logistics, or can donate other non-clinical services to support children, please contact [email protected]
  5. Provide essential assistance to Ukraine – telecom infrastructure, basic consumption and pharmaceuticals.
    Payel Farasat & Joe Farasatfounders and managing directors of V4 CAPITAL, a bespoke private equity firm, are activating their networks in the telecommunications infrastructure space to restore communications in Ukraine which were destroyed by bombardment. Drawing on their experience of previous aid work in India at the height of the pandemic, they are directing their resources to ensure that Ukrainians now receive much-needed humanitarian aid: trauma kits, pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, ready-to-eat (MRE) meals and hot meals . As early investors in 3D printing technology, V4 amplifies the genius of 3D printing portfolio companies shipping 3D printers to Ukraine who print CAT tourniquets, rapid bandage applicators and drones – on-site – to meet the continued high demand for these items while reducing logistics times, transportation costs, transit flights and waste. By donating 3D printers and file parts and supporting the 3D printing community, more 3D printers and filaments can be sent to Ukraine – give Ukrainians the means to innovate and print the medical and protective equipment they need in real time.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: If your business has inventory of medical supplies, canned food, radios, repeaters, 3D printers, or equipment to donate, contact [email protected]

To learn more about how these organizations are coordinating and amplifying their efforts to support Ukrainians and how to offer assistance, book an interview with Leigh Anne Anderson to [email protected].

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