Kari Lake wants to revoke my Good American card. Yours as well


I had no idea that the citizens of our great country—even us lowly journalists—could achieve the official rank of “good Americans,” or what department of the federal bureaucracy was charged with conferring such a lofty designation.

Or, worst of all, I didn’t know that my special status as a “good American” was in danger of being revoked.

For this new information, I thank Kari Lake, former newsreader and Republican candidate for governor of Arizona.

During a recent video rant regarding the Big Lie, in which Lake gushed, yet again, the voter fraud conspiracy theory debunked, she said, “So the people covering this stolen election, I mean, I am appalled by them. They should lose their status as good Americans, because they are not good Americans if they get involved in this.

“That goes for the journalists there, I now call them propagandists, these propagandists who refuse to cover what is happening in this election will try to bury this republic and bring it down, and we the people, we will not allow this to happen.”

What exactly is “good American status”?

That’s a lot to unpack.

For example, how do we, the “propagandists”, try to bury this republic and bring it down? Does she mean physically? Professionally? Grammatically? (Perhaps pointing out that the “bring down” part of Lake’s metaphor should come before the “bury” part.)

And which journalists “refuse to cover what is happening in this election”? It’s pretty much the only thing most of us have been doing lately. Or does Lake just not like journalists reporting facts?

And what, exactly, is “good American status”?

About a day ago I received my last voter registration card. Nowhere on it could I find such a nickname. I then checked my driver’s license, passport, Costco card, birth certificate, gym membership, tax returns, and grocery rewards ID.


Was my card stolen by McCain’s ghost?

That’s probably a good thing, because there’s plenty of evidence that Lake wouldn’t know a “good American” if she met one. Because she has. I am talking about the late Senator John McCain. Lake spent much of his campaign ransacking it. Her ghost seems to haunt her.

Lake said, for example, “John McCain may be dead but he rises from the grave trying to keep power in Arizona. And it was never about the power that helped the people of Arizona.

Rise from the grave? Did McCain snatch my “Good American” card from me?

Then there was the recent video tweeted by Lake’s campaign in which she tells an audience, “It’s it’s time to replace that disgusting and filthy McCain Swamp with, maybe, I don’t know… a lake? You need someone who will represent “we the people”. ”

The senator’s daughter, Meghan, responded with a tweet saying, “What trash this woman is.

Then, due to the times we live in, Lake responded with a tweet saying, “Thanks for sharing our video, Meg!”

To which McCain replied, “You are disgusting.”

good american vs good human being

I believe Meghan McCain’s last missive to Lake was both succinct and to the point.

We can discuss the politics of John McCain, but there was no doubt that he was a longtime civil servant and war hero who had suffered horribly for his country.

Where I grew up – which is in America, by the way – we were taught that a son or daughter has both the right and the responsibility to uphold honor and reputation. from a relative. We were also taught that it was petty and disrespectful to speak ill of the dead.

I can’t say whether or not doing such a mean and petty thing has any impact on a person’s status as a “good American”.

But it revokes any claim to the status of a decent human being.

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