Japan: Heat protection gear developed to “beat the heat”


Tokyo [Japan], August 6 (ANI) Global warming is a serious problem all over the world. This makes summers around the world much hotter than they should be. In Tokyo, different companies slowly and steadily develop heat protection equipment and come up with a variety of ideas. The jacket looks like an ordinary suit jacket from the front. However, there is something that makes it unique. This jacket has two ventilators installed in the back.

Takaya Motoyama, official, Chikuma said: “It is made up of two sheets, the outer surface and the lining, and the air passes through it and the wind blows through the mesh. With fan clothes having the image of a hard worker, I hope the general user pays more attention to it.” Patterned clothes give a cool look to the jacket. These prints are developed using special printing technology and contain a cold element called xylitol.

Momo Shirota, Liberta, said, “The contact cooling technology brings coolness to the user when wearing it, but the coolness is not retained afterwards. It’s a downside. So we developed the technology of cold-sensitive printing to provide freshness. feel constantly. This technology will keep you cool while you sweat, and it’s new and sustainable technology, so we plan to sell it. Heatstroke is a serious problem during the summer season in Japan.

The watch-style sensor is designed to trigger an alarm by detecting the core body temperature prior to experiencing heat stroke. Takeshi Anzai, Biodata bank, said, “The fundamental countermeasure against heat stroke is to detect core body temperature and grasp the situation. Currently, the heat wave is coming to Europe and the world. In the future, we believe that heat countermeasures will be needed worldwide.”

The problems created by global climate change are solved by introducing carbon neutral strategies and products like these that can help people beat the heat. (ANI)

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