Hubergroup’s Maria Vivy DaCosta Receives 2020 NAPIM Ault Award – Covering Printing Inks, Coatings and Allied Industries

The National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) Ault Award is the most prestigious award members of the North American ink industry can receive. The award recognizes an individual for outstanding dedication to the ink industry. Maria Vivy DaCosta, hubergroup’s Executive Vice President of Administration and Sales, winner of the 2020 Ault Award, is absolutely a most deserving choice.

“Maria Vivy DaCosta, our Ault Award winner, is very diligent and conscientious and always gives 100%,” said John Copeland, Executive Director of NAPIM. “She has been a long time supporter of NAPIM and was a member of the NAPIM Board of Directors, where she always provided excellent contributions and suggestions.

DaCosta joined the industry after graduating from university in 1977, starting as a customer service representative for KVK, a Danish manufacturer specializing in pigments for the printing ink industry. One of his clients was Hostmann-Steinberg, which was part of hubergroup.

“After graduating from university in London, England in 1977, my first job was at the London site of a Danish pigment company,” she said. “I was fascinated by what could be created from dry pigments. At that time the company was supplying pigments to Hostmann-Steinberg. This opened the door to the wonderful world of printing and ink I was curious and wanted to explore what printing ink was, how it becomes a beautiful printed product.Three years later I was in Canada working for Hostmann-Steinberg.

Winfried Gleue, the new president of Hostmann-Steinberg, recognized her drive to succeed and her willingness to learn. He quickly moved her to the executive side and together they began the development of a full pan-Canadian operation with on-site R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing, technical support and service.

Using the insights gained from opening the Montreal and Vancouver branches in Canada, DaCosta led the expansion of Hostmann-Steinberg’s presence in the North American market, beginning in New York State and expanding into continuing with branches in Buffalo, Boston, Hartford, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. His efforts increased Hostmann-Steinberg’s (hubergroup) sales from $2 million in Canada to $200 million in North America during this period. In 2009, DaCosta was promoted to vice president of finance and administration.

DaCosta’s dedication to the ink industry is also evident in its service to major trade associations. She served on the NAPIM Board of Directors from 2011 to 2017 and received the NAPIM Printing Ink Pioneer Award in 2015. She has been an active member of the Canadian Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers since 2008, of which she was president twice.

DaCosta highlighted several highlights during his career, starting with his first trip to drupa.

“My first exposure to drupa opened my eyes! The myriad types of printing presses, press supplies, printing inks and printing effects displayed in one place reinforced my impression that the worlds of ink and printing would be one career-long learning experience,” recalls DaCosta. “Countless drupas, trade shows and conventions later, I’m still learning from the many interesting and exceptionally talented industry icons from around the world.”

Besides establishing branches in the United States and Canada, DaCosta was also successful in sales.

“In 1986, I was thrilled to be the first woman in the Canadian printing ink industry to join the elite Million Dollar Sales Club. A year later, I was still in the ‘club’.

“My final highlight is receiving the 2020 NAPIM Ault Award,” she added. “It reflects my life’s dedication and desire to be the best I can be and to help the industry I love continue to evolve in new directions.”

DaCosta mentioned that a number of people have influenced his career, starting with Winfried Gleue, himself an Ault Prize winner in 2009.

“Winfried Gleue, President of Hostmann-Steinberg Canada, gave me the opportunity and encouragement to understand ink and printing. For more than 25 years, he has led by example – know your printers, talk to your printers, and most importantly, listen to your printers,” DaCosta said.

“After more than 40 years in the ink industry, I can say that I have met and learned from a number of amazing people,” she added. “Each of these stalwarts of our industry, too numerous to mention by name, have made a lasting impression, their contributions to our industry have encouraged me and countless others to explore new ideas and initiatives wholeheartedly. confidence.”

DaCosta has seen the ink industry evolve over the years and is confident that ink and printing will remain a crucial part of our daily lives.

“The printing industry is in a constant state of flux,” she noted. “However, printing is definitely not going away. Printing inks will always be in demand across the spectrum of life.

“Decades ago, the combination of ink, graphics and packaging design grabbed the consumer’s attention,” DaCosta said. “Consumers are now looking beyond the image for the sustainability and environmental impact of the product they are considering.

“Technology and consumer opinion have added new dimensions to the ink industry,” DaCosta added. “We are constantly challenged to provide products that meet our customers’ needs at an affordable price while maintaining quality. These new dimensions also increase the scope of experience the ink industry needs from new talent and allow existing talent to use their experience to grow in innovative areas.

Outside of work, DaCosta has a number of interesting hobbies, even learning to make wine.

“Travelling to interesting places in the world, meeting interesting people and renewing old acquaintances is my passion, followed by gardening and cooking,” DaCosta said. “I even spent two weeks on vacation working in a Portuguese vineyard because I wanted to know how my favorite drink was made. Additionally, I have a keen interest in artifacts, extraordinary and rare objects and reflect on how our printing industry may have contributed to their splendor.

DaCosta said receiving the Ault award is an “incredible honor”.

“I’m really humbled,” DaCosta concluded. “It’s an incredible honor to be ranked and to work with the superheroes of our unique industry.”


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