How to organize your home office


what’s cool work from home? Home office helps you designate a workspace and choose a schedule that works for you! However, being productive is always difficult, and the common culprit of demotivation is clutter. It is therefore essential to organize your home office. An organized home office helps reduce stress, increase productivity, give you more free time and free your mind. Here is some effective tips and tricks for organizing your home office.

12 ways to organize your home office

If you’re working from home and struggling to get your work done, we’ve got ten home office organization suggestions you should try:

Designate a work area

It’s easy to get distracted while working from home. Therefore, you need to create a specific work area to improve your efficiency. Choose a quiet place in your home where you can work for long hours. Make sure you can close the door in this space. This will allow you to avoid distractions which can have a significant impact on your concentration and productivity.

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Let in natural light

Create your workspace in a place with enough natural light. Light can increase your productivity and motivation. If you spend most of the day in the dark, it can bore you and make you sick. According to research conducted by Harvard, sunlight can reduce headaches and drowsiness by 63% and 56%. If you’re full of energy and don’t have headaches to deal with, you’ll be more productive.

Keep a shelf and other organizational tools

Organize everything in your office. It’s a waste of time if you need to search your desk or get up to reach your filing cabinet to find the supplies you use frequently. Although your workspace may initially seem tidy, it won’t stay that way for long. Every time you take out the item you need and put it back on the desk, you will add more clutter.

Always keep your most valuable tools nearby. You can use a variety of tools to organize your desktop, such as:

– A bookshelf or bookcase can be a great way to organize your home office space. Place an object on a shelf in front of or next to your desk to store your calendar, dictionary and other books that you use regularly.

– Install a file holder on your desk to keep the files you need for current tasks.

– A mailbox is a place to organize your bills, homework, letters, and other tasks on your to-do list.

– A rack to store current project files.

– A trash can, a recycling container and a shredder.

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Clean up your desk

Since you will be spending the most time at your desk, you need to organize your desk! Start with a blank slate. Remove everything from your desk except your printer, computer, and phone.

If the desk you’re looking at has accumulated a few years of dust, this is a good opportunity to tidy up your desk and sweep underneath.

Get a locked cabinet

Purchasing a filing cabinet is a fantastic method of creating space in your home office. Purchasing a fireproof storage unit with a locking system ensures that your documents won’t be stolen or damaged. A fireproof and locked container is essential for crucial documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports and car titles. They can also be kept in the safe. To make the most of the storage space, you can get a desk cabinet with four drawers.

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Declutter and move objects

Home offices often become messy because owners are unwilling or unwilling to throw things or move personal items. For example, your baby’s picture may make you happy, but it takes up valuable space on your desk. Remove anything from your desk that is not directly related to the work you are doing.

Spend a few minutes decluttering things you don’t use.

Here are some items you should discard:

– Pens that no longer work

– Broken or unused office equipment such as old computers, phones and scanners and printers (you can reuse many of these items)

-Documents outdated and no longer needed

-Old magazines, newspapers, Internet printouts: when you have finished reading them or are done with them, you should stop using them

– Photos, greeting cards, awards, plants, coffee mugs and keepsakes. However, you may still have some in your office, but in a less remote location.

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Cable clutter

Do you come across the tangle of cables and wires every time you walk into your home office? Too many cables under your feet can cause you to trip. It can also pose a fire hazard and create a much more cluttered workplace than it is.

Here are some tips to minimize the number of cables in your home-office area,

– Remove electronic devices that you no longer use or that you use occasionally.

– Use as many wireless devices as possible, such as your keyboard, mouse, and printer.

– Get a USB hub that can connect multiple devices to your computer with a single USB cable.

Move office equipment from your office

If your desk is covered with monitors, printers and computers, telephones, modems, telephones and computer storage, where will you be working? It is not necessary to have these gadgets on your desk. They take up valuable space.

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Here are some suggestions for getting rid of some technology from your workspace:

-Place your desktop processor under the desk or on the floor.

-Huge monitor can take almost half the size of your desktop. You can replace it with a smooth monitor.

-Backup everything online. This online backup can save you if your hard drive crashes or your laptop is stolen or damaged. However, this will allow you to remove the extra storage device from your desktop.

Digital calendar and to-do lists

How do you keep track of your appointments, meetings or other commitments? Are you using a Day Timer notebook that’s overflowing with notes? Migrated your calendar to digital, but still use notepads to keep track of deadlines and important dates?

Choose a system that you are sure to keep. You can eliminate paper and save all your important reminders on the back of your iPhone or other personal devices. Documents include deadlines, meetings, appointments, to-do lists, and appointments. Connect your calendar on your device to your computer so you always know where you’re supposed to be.

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Organize your PC

Filing cabinets and the desk aren’t the only items in your office that need to be cleaned. Computers can also benefit from a deep cleaning. If you keep loading documents and programs onto your hard drive, it will eventually become too cluttered that it’s impossible to locate what you need or you’ll run out of space.

Here are some suggestions for organizing your computer:

-Configure your filing system. Make the folders in a way that makes sense to you.

– Discard old documents.

– Back up your files to make sure you don’t lose any necessary data and backup all your important data via external drive or internet storage services.

– Sort your emails. Your email inbox can be similar to your office when you don’t have an organized plan. Create folders to organize your messages by subject, sender or dates.

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Use vertical space

Using vertical space gives you extra space to keep your home office area, especially the desk tidy and organized. This system is especially true when you have a smaller desk space or there are no drawers on the desk. The space above your desk could be the perfect place to store your essentials. Vertical or floating shelves can also give the space an art feel.

Invest in comfort

Few people consider comfort when choosing tables, chairs and desks to use in their home office. You can’t stay productive when you suffer from neck or eye strain while working. A bad ergonomic system can affect your long-term productivity. Since you’ll be spending most of your time working from your home office, pay attention to comfort. While organizing your home office, buy comfortable furniture.


The pandemic has taught the world the effectiveness of the work-from-home trend. However, not everyone can take advantage of the facilities of a remote office, as their workspaces may not be very inspiring. A well-organized home office can make you more creative and productive. So far we have discussed helpful ways to organize your home office. Hope this helps!

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