Hermeus will build hypersonic aircraft parts using Sapphire Velo3D printers ($VLD)


Bike3D – TheNewswire – (VLD), a cutting-edge metal additive manufacturing technology, announced that Hermeus, a private company developing hypersonic aircraft for defense and commercial applications, will use Sapphire 3D printing equipment to build parts for the Chimera engine and Hermeus’ Quarterhorse aircraft.

The engine is a turbine-powered combined-cycle engine that will power Hermeus’ first aircraft, Quarterhorse, an autonomous aircraft designed to reach high Mach speeds and prove its reusability. Hermes has scheduled the first Quarterhorse flight for 2023.

Benny Buller, CEO and Founder of Velo3D, said, “Hyperonics is an extremely challenging subset of the aerospace industry and at the speeds Hermeus will reach, temperature, vibration and aerodynamics play major factors in the flight of the plane. There aren’t many teams with the deep hypersonic, aviation and spaceflight experience of Hermeus, and we are truly honored to provide Sapphire printers to help them achieve their goals.

Velo3D’s metal additive manufacturing technology has been widely adopted in the hypersonic and NewSpace industries due to its ability to build the complex and critical parts engineers need without compromising design, quality or performance. The company says customers can print existing designs without needing to design the parts for additive manufacturing or get specialized training.

Velo3D shares trade on the NYSE under the symbol VLD. For more information, visit www.greenstocknews.com.


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