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If you’re struggling to find a good gift for a woman you love, you might have to think outside the box. After all, the Internet has made it possible to get just about anything with the click of a button, and buyers are spend more time and money online with the threat of Covid-19 looming in the air (literally). Whether you’re giving them something for their birthday, vacation, or anniversary, you’ll need to pay more attention to new releases, crazy-worthy gadgets, and thoughtful knick-knacks that they probably wouldn’t buy on their own. And while the shipping deadline for some gifts to arrive in time for the holidays has already passed, there are still several last minute gifts you can purchase.

Ahead of the holiday season, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts for women. From headphones and e-readers to soothing shower sprays and DIY kits, there’s bound to be something on this list that she hasn’t thought about buying for herself yet.

Gifts for the woman who has everything

To help you find the best gifts for all the women in your life, we’ve taken a look at our previous expert tips on bedding, lip masks, and more. We’ve also included some highly rated articles, new releases, and recommendations from Select staff that we think readers will love.

When we asked dermatologists about the best bedding for your skin, everyone agreed that silk is breathable and gentle on easily irritated skin. One derm recommended the Slip Queen Silk Pillowcase, which is made of high quality mulberry silk and comes in over a dozen different colors and patterns.

I’m an irritably organized Virgo, and when it comes to the stationery aisle, my Achilles heel is a good planner. I generally prefer paper agendas that I can write in with my Muji pens, but I’ve come to rely on my Skylight calendar ever since the company sent me one to try it out. The calendar is basically a tablet with just a few features: it automatically syncs with online calendars from Google, Apple, Outlook, and more, and can display multiple color-coded calendars for both couples, roommates, or families. There’s a button in the bottom corner for making a grocery list, and for $ 39 a year, you can also play videos, share photos, and more.

If the bibliophile in your life has been hesitant to ditch paperbacks in favor of an e-reader, they might appreciate a little nudge in the form of a generous gift. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature, one of the latest Amazon Kindle offerings, includes 32GB of storage for thousands of digital books and can last up to 10 weeks on a single charge (via a USB-C or Qi wireless charger ), depending on the brand. The front lighting automatically adapts to your reading conditions, whether you’re in bed with the lights off or sitting outside in the blazing sun.

Many Select staff (including myself) have been delighted with the Laneige Sleep Mask with its sweet scents and moisturizing formula. Don’t just take our word for it, either: Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiu also recommended the nighttime lip mask, noting that it is “rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.”

Our Place, creator of the best-selling Always Pan, recently unveiled a new pot that is perfect designed to serve as a pot, Dutch oven, kettle, roasting pan, steamer, colander and braising pan all in one. Much like the Always Pan, the Perfect Pot can be used on any cooking surface and is made with an easy-to-clean, non-stick ceramic coating.

Aromatherapy has many health benefits – studies have linked essential oil treatment to decreased anxiety levels, improved sleep quality, and more. This decorative diffuser is a gateway to those benefits: just fill the reservoir with water, add drops of your favorite essential oils, and select your preferred time setting to get started. It’s a useful (and timely) gift for anyone who needs help relaxing.

Business writer (and self-proclaimed coffee fanatic) Zoe Malin is a huge fan of the Ember Mug. She prefers to sip and enjoy her coffee, and the mug ensures that the liquid maintains its temperature all day (as long as it stays on her loading coaster). Coffee lovers like Malin will likely appreciate this smart mug for their morning roast, nightcap and beyond.

Social media editor and chocolate enthusiast Sadhana Daruvuri marks the start of every winter with a box of Williams Sonoma hot chocolate. “It’s made with real pieces of chocolate instead of powder, and it tastes so rich and creamy,” she said. This gift set comes packaged in seasonal tins and includes three different flavors: Peppermint, Classic, and Salted Caramel.

Several Select staff own a Brooklinen bathrobe and love its lightness and softness. The waffle dress is made from 100% Turkish cotton with a woven texture for faster absorption and drying. Also – and perhaps most importantly – it has pockets.

Active noise-canceling headphones can help block out ambient sound in a noisy home work environment, according to tech expert Whitson Gordon. The Jabra Elite 85t wireless headphones feature Advanced Active Noise Cancellation and HearThrough modes, and you can fully control the amount of filtered sound with slide bars for each in the Jabra Sound + app. The headphones have up to five and a half hours of battery life on a single charge when the ANC is on, with up to 25 hours of charge in the Qi charging case.

In traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha is used for everything from muscle pain to fluid build-up. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners told us that you can also use a gua sha tool to scrape the skin on your face to promote blood circulation and reduce puffiness. In addition to a raw rose quartz tool, this set from Pink Moon also includes an antioxidant-rich facial oil that helps the gua sha tool glide over the skin. For an additional $ 15, you can also give them a full virtual gua sha tutorial to make sure they are using their new tools properly.

Coffee lovers constantly run out of fresh coffee beans for their morning cup of tea. Help them replenish their stash with this gift set from Dope Coffee, which includes an 8-ounce bag of the brand’s organic Guatemalan blend, 5-ounce coffee-infused syrup, 4-ounce coffee candle, and a face + 2 oz body Rub. All of the Atlanta-based brand’s products are inspired by black culture in an effort to bring inclusiveness and diversity to the coffee scene, according to the brand.

Lattes are a fun, Instagram-worthy addition to any morning, but they’re hard to perfect at home without proper barista training. These cubes simplify the process by combining all the ingredients needed for a milk tea in a square that dissolves in hot water or your favorite milk. There are three types of antioxidant-rich cubes to choose from: Matcha Latte, Golden Latte, and Pink Latte. Each kit contains six lattes and comes with vanilla sugar cubes and edible rose petals.

If they’re constantly taking photos with their smartphones wherever they go, they might like to make a difference with an instant camera. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 comes in fun colors like pink, purple, and green and comes equipped with an easy-to-use selfie mode. It automatically adjusts shutter speed to optimize photo quality in any setting.

Every year, once the temperature starts to drop, the ‘eucalyptus shower’ trend resurfaces all over the internet, with various social media users claiming that hanging a bundle of eucalyptus in the shower has helped them clear their minds and to open their sinuses. And there may be some truth to this: Eucalyptus oil can be found in many cough and cold products thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to improve upper respiratory tract symptoms. These vapors combine the soothing scent of eucalyptus with another powerful remedy – menthol – to turn any shower into an anti-congestion remedy.

After a trying day, participate in an artistic activity was shown to reduce stress levels. With this beginner-friendly screen printing kit, they can lower their cortisol levels while adding witty phrases and fun designs to their canvas bags, tea towels, shirts and more. Once they have mastered the art of printing, they can even use their kit to make handmade gifts for others.

If any of the women on your list is a Harry Potter fanatic, she might be a fan of this limited edition Dutch oven Le Creuset, which is part of the Harry Potter collection released earlier this month. The Marseille Blue Dutch Dutch oven is made from enameled cast iron, which experts say is great for conducting heat and providing even cooking. The lid of the pot is stamped with Quidditch goal rings and the button is a Snitch.

Google recently released its Google Shopping Holiday 100 list for 2021, which highlights the top 100 most popular gift ideas based on Google searches. One of the most popular items this year in the health and beauty category is Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream, which the brand claims helps fight the signs of aging and hydrate the skin. Notable ingredients in the face cream include shea butter and purslane, an antioxidant that the brand claims supports skin health.

We previously included the Bearaby Cotton Napper in our guide to weighted blankets as a top notch item to consider. The Cotton Napper comes in four weights ranging from 10 to 25 pounds and is made from a long staple cotton which the brand says is breathable and biodegradable.

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